Article of note

The tea party movements life and longevity depends of one thing-

People who have the courage of their convictions and the ability and willingness to act in the face of danger.

It is sad that the “danger’ comes from the extreme and overwhelming power of a federal government that has seized too much power over the people they were not meant to have!

JB Williams wrote this good article about this back in March,  I wanted to repost it here as this represents a mental hurtle that teaparty participants must understand, and overcome to be an effective force for preserving America as she is meant to be!

Facebook invite to “Health Care Funeral”

Liberty Belle has issued an invitation on Facebook

For Funeral for Health Care counter-protest on May 30th.

This event is planned to start at 2:00 pm on May 30, 2009 at Westlake Park.  Details

Liberal Agenda to Push Socialized Medicine

When Socialist ‘s Armies Mass

“One if by land, two if by sea…

The forces are massing to dupe you and me!”

Anybody realize what is about to occur? Socialized medicine is about to occur! The forces have prepped and planned and gone over the strategy and they will soon push the attack.

Whole divisions of foot soldier pawns, media special forces and elected official trumpeters are ready and waiting for the opening charge.

The mission and prize? The mission is to destroy the concept that the people of this great nation do not want, and have never wanted socialized medicine! Should the mission be successful in making it seem otherwise- they will claim the prize; socialism for America!

Our country is under a full fledged frontal assault to permanently wreck our health care and it’s begun in earnest this week! The big and expected push for what the socialist left is calling “Health CareReform” has started.

Obama is using government websites registered email accounts to push his agenda again.

Every lefty group there is, will be encouraged to show up for demonstrations for their socialized medicine agenda which they have organized and coordinated with the unions and other members under their direction to make it appear there is a large public outcry for this!

You can bet your elderly mothers cane that the sympathetic (pathetic) media will be along for the ride to spin this!

The Cap and trade tax is only temporarily being put on the back burner, this has been moved to the front as their focus now! This is the wedge they have wanted for years to permanently and irreversibly open the door to a Socialistic America!

Here is an excerpt about the plans I received this morning from my local Seattle Action Network- from Liberty Belle

On May 30th, over 100 organizations and unions are getting together to support H.R. 676, The Citizens Alliance for National Health Insurance, and President Obama’s plans to socialize health care in America. These people are very real, very determined, very organized, and very, very well funded. On May 30, 2009 an organization called Healthcare-NOW! is promoting rallies all across the nation to show support for a single-payer, or socialized, healthcare system. Click here for their Seattle rally website. They have lined up Patty Murray and Jim McDermott to speak. They are bussing people in from all across the state, including elderly and disabled people whom they plan to seat in the front rows in order to exploit them for their own purposes. They are calling it “Healthcare for All in 2009: Mothers Leading the Way.” They must not go unopposed. Healthcare reform may be necessary, but government run healthcare is not the answer. I now propose to you a plan of action to show our dissent and opposition. I am sick of standing by while they take to the streets. If you thought going to a Tea Party was important, please join me in what may turn out to literally be the fight for our lives. And we have only two weeks to get it together. Their Plan: They are meeting at Pratt Park in the Central District, at 20th Ave. S. & E. Yesler Way, 98144. Patty Murray will speak here until approximately 1:30 p.m. at which point they will begin their march towards Westlake Park, at 4th & Pine downtown. They will convene here, where Jim McDermott will speak. Their projected arrival at Westlake Park is 2:30 p.m. OUR PLAN: We will be waiting for them at Westlake Park so that when they arrive, they are met not with open arms, but with patriotic, peaceful dissent and opposition. They will not be able to claim victory as we will match them in numbers and spirit. We are titling our counter-protest, “The Healthcare Funeral.”

I shared this with you so that we all can get the word out to start lining up our local allies and do something to answer.

There are many doctor and nurses professional groups and organization we can work with. They expect to be unopposed, we need to show them it won’t go down like that!

Our country is in very real danger of being pushed over the cliff of socialism, it is stunning and shocking to think we are so close to being hurtled over the edge, yet we are.

Socialism is a system that has killed millions of people. It takes peoples dignity and incentives away. It only brings misery to the people stuck in its tightly controlling talons, and it crushes liberty and freedom.

Should we allow them to foist socialized medicine upon us- as they seek to do, we will have crossed a line impossible to recross, and the end of America as we know it will be marked by this moment in time.