Tea Party Background

This is taken directly from surgeusa.org website as an excerpt, I think we all do well knowing where we came from, and remembering our roots, when trying to determine where to go next!

The Tax Day Tea Party protests on April 15 were remarkable because they became an independent celebration by hundreds of thousands of Americans about basic principles and values, rather than political partisanship.  They were venting their frustration – not anger or hatred.  They were standing up for what they firmly believe.  They weren’t simply blaming others or asking for special favors. They were basically pushing back against the rapid, sweeping, and costly changes in our federal government, as well as abuses of power and spending by politicians and bureaucrats at every level of government.  It was more of a “let’s get back to our basic American values” movement.

They were not led by any single national organization to push a political party or a specific agenda. Instead, they were organized by hundreds of volunteers at the local level, each taking the initiative and reaching out to the people in their communities to work together to make it happen.

The news media were largely confused by the diversity of home-made signs at these rallies, on a wide variety of topics, according to the individual concerns of the person who had chosen freely to be there.
These weren’t the mass produced marketing images of a political campaign’s brand strategy to focus on a simple message.  These signs ranged from complex and thoughtful messages to the venting of political frustrations.  Some of them were extraordinarily clever and entertaining.  Individuals shared thousands of photos online to feature their favorites.  They were talking to each other.  They weren’t there to listen to politicians.  They were there to meet each other, and to share their own concerns.
For the most part, although many signs were very pointed and critical, they were not ad hominem or hateful attacks.  They weren’t simply anti-Obama, or anti anybody else.  These were individuals freely expressing their own views.  Rather than just being against higher taxes, spending, and debt, many were clearly expressing concern about defending the fundamental principled and values on which this country was founded, including the limited role delegated to the federal government in the Constitution.
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