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Power lies in having the knowledge one needs to perform actions.  The surgeusa site is becoming like an online encyclopedia of info for the conservative wanting to take a stand against the intrusion upon our liberties and the excessive role that government is seizing from the people by multiple methods, including an increasing federal influence and less allowance for the individuals freedoms!

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Many local Tea Party events and other types of protests are being planned at any time. They are not limited to a single date as national events, nor are they organized by a single leadership group. These are locally organized protests which typically draw people who are very concerned about the changes which are being made at the federal or state government level, even if they may not all share a common focus on a particular issue or alternative approaches. The common thread is generally a focus on less government spending and taxation or other intrusions on our liberty, such as to place greater emphasis on individual responsibility and limited government

I  would encourage all my friends and fellow patriots to check out the latest page  Tea Party Plans

Paying attention to what is working and what is not, will make us more successful in getting responsible people back into office.

Revolt protest proceeds special elections

Tax Revolt signs in Cali

Tax Revolt signs in Cali-Click on image for photo gallery

From Michelle Malkin’s
Live from the Cali tax revolt

Signs on Sticks

Aerial shot of angry crowd

Aerial shot of angry crowd

Do they get it?

Say No to GITMO releases

Just say NO to Gitmo releases!

Just say NO to Gitmo releases!