Tea Party Movement Unity

E * Pluribus * Unum~ “Out of Many,  One”



UPDATE:Post 9/12 March on DC

Incredible numbers of patriots traveled to DC to send the message Washington needs to hear;

DC Listen!  You work for us!

Incredibly, many of the elitist’s pretended not to notice, and continue to try to minimize the significant and historic occasion!

As many as 2 million may have traveled to be there.  Chances are we will not know for sure, yet the numbers visible and apparent show that we are significant, and we are coming together to form a strong voice.

The “Pay to Play” DC bureaucrats are in for a rude awakening ,  there are millions more at home who wished to be there also.

Getting organized locally, and finding strong candidates within our ranks, is the general step all groups should be working on now.

UPDATE: Post July 4th, 2009

July 4th weekend brought in a very encouraging new wave of tea party events, with numbers that matched or exceed in all probability the April 15th Tax Day attendance figures!

Membership in groups organized at all levels is still rising, and the planning for and operation of events is very organized compared to earlier.  Most events are seeing a mixture of tea party members from various groups such as Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Nation, and Smart Girl Politics for example.  Petition drives, counter protests, writing and calling campaigns, “Galt strikes”, and circle of five groups are having an effect though the msm media is trying it’s hardest to ignore it all!

The grand plans of the socialist schemes of  “Cap and Tax” and Socialized Health Care have run into a solid wall of resistance that was practically non existent 6 months ago!

The coalitions of tea party allies is working itself out as the common purposes of limiting government, stopping insane spending and taxation, and restoring state sovereignty are primary focuses in all these groups.

Both the political left and the “status-quo right” are struggling to understand the upstart grass root movement which seeks to remove both groups from the power they have abused- and to restore a representative government to a right of center populous that believes in the constitutional principles of a free republic!

Recent efforts by groups of Acorn members, union bosses,  and the move-on crowd to protest for socialized medicine were flops that were met by even larger numbers of tea party counter protesters!

I look to see more and more of this unity as in the July 17th protest to occur simultaneously at every single congressional office across the nation by most of the major groups of tea party members!

e pluribus unum!


Original post below

From silent voices to a thunderous roar!

Our tea party movement is growing from a general angst and anger at government’s out of control spending, with people showing up to  hastily arranged rallies unsure about what to do once they got there, to multitudes of new organizational entities all over the spectrum of communications, but especially online.

We call it the “Tea Party Movement” inspired by the historical revolt in colonial times that manifested with actions such as the famous disposal of crates of tea into the Boston Harbor.

By now everyone is aware that 100’s of thousands showed up in every state on April 15th for a tax day revolt.

Since that time there have been dozens of small and sporadic events for various reasons all over- but nothing huge yet since Tax Day.  It gives an outsider,  many of them who can not see the validity behind the movement, (and still don’t “get it”), the impression  that the movement has lost steam.

Believe me, it hasn’t! We are in a quiet phase though,  as people have begun working in earnest to develop websites, social networks, broadcasting alternatives, blogs and other tools of communication for the tea party movement or “counter insurgency” against redistribution and ever increasing burdens thrust upon the taxpayer- by a very determined, and leaning socialist,  government.

Our new organizations are comprised of people that are conservative, and traditional family oriented individuals for the most part.

Our groups are often working separately at the same time on the very same issues- nothing wrong with that at all in my opinion.

The colonists did the same, they worked on their own issues, but they recognized that they too had mutual interests,  and found ways to work together in unity on those issues!

So,  I propose that the time has come- for our diverse, and different groups, to  decide to initiate a “Minuteman alert system, or e pluribus unum coalition” if you will,  that we can go to and see,  direct our members to see,  and be able to really accomplish huge results!

I have seen many of the same comments on the various sites…imagine what we could do if we were all working with each other?  We can still have our competitive nature while having a coalition for action too.

The greatest symbol of freedom and strength  of unity is our American flag.  We see still our thirteen stripes together, yet sovereign. We see our states equal, separate, yet united on the flag!

This is the tradition of America and should and can happen with our Tea Party movement !

If we can agree this is needed

Than we must find a way to make it work,

like our forefathers, we will not have an easy task.

First we agree to the principle, than we agree how to do it, and than we pledge to stay within the guidelines we establish for it.

Finally, the  last step is turning that silence… into a thunderous roar!

If you happen to read this post, and wish to pass this along to your group or organization-

we may see what can happen!

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