Pretending Malaria Away!

Pretending malaria away!

That is what I would call the new policy announced by the World Health Organization.

Appease the mosquito!

After 50 million people died preventable deaths by earlier bans to DDT the environmental political

pressure will undoubtedly  now lead directly to more unnecessary victims and the proportional

increase of deaths from malaria in the poorest regions in the world!

There’s no evidence that spraying DDT in the amounts necessary to kill dangerous mosquitoes imperils crops, animals or human health. But that didn’t stop green groups like the Pesticide Action Network from urging the public to celebrate World Malaria Day last month by telling “the U.S. to protect children and families from malaria without spraying pesticides like DDT inside people’s homes.” : Malaria, Politics and DDT

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Is this an economic solution by the UN to control populations by using preventable diseases to reemerge?

If not than what is the benefit to man?

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