When they awoke the country had changed…as promised!


The New America is going to be hell for freedom and liberty loving people.

The conversions of ‘citizens’ to ‘subjects of the state’ are moving along at a dizzying pace.

Obama is taking care of business-his business, not ours.

His business revolves around three tenets (which would more accurately be described as whirlpools) destined to suck the life out of our economy, our self-determination, and our future as a free country!

His tenets and ideology are rationing,redistribution, and regulation in order to bring about the change he promised, without telling the country exactly what his vision for change was.

The people that dug up the history on the man who had little in the department of any serious qualifications to lead us in the world’s most powerful position, were trying to warn the people about who he is-a radical revolutionary with anti-American ideas and ideals that are more Marxist than anyone ever to even run for the position in the past!

Even when it became obvious that the person running for our President was deliberately concealing his past he was being covered and sheltered from criticism as if he were in actuality a ‘god’ to be worshiped and revered.

I will never understand how even the conservative leaning “balanced” media conspired to shut down real criticism regarding his cloudy past, when it is still an issue begging for answers by so many today. Were we being blackmailed by those whom Obama later bowed to out of his own reverence?

Regardless of those circumstances ignored and left un-vetted, for now we are stuck with him, and he has wasted no time in sticking it to us, the American people! The ways in which he is sticking it to us, are becoming so numerous, so quickly that it is getting hard to keep track of all of them, and remind ourselves how often he has done so already.

It brings us back to that rationing thing he is all about.

Have you noticed it?  Time is even rationed out to ‘certain people’ allowed to ask rationed questions on his plans for us.

Obviously he feels that amongst the worlds countries, America has received far too much praise, and far too little criticism so he has set out to even that out. Same for terrorists, or whatever he calls them these days, they have received too much blame and America not nearly enough to Obamas way of thinking.

Energy use?Again, we use too much, of course, so we will have ours rationed now, using regulation and redistribution of course!

Health Care? Well, private health care has had far too much influence, and government far too little, in his world. Regardless of the consequences, he will rectify that too.

Remember the program to transfer control and our money to the UN in the form of aid that he sponsored as a US Senator? Rationing again, redistributing so that our 100’s of $billions are “fairly” rationed out to others, because we have more than our “fair” share.

This is all typical Marxism, and he is being one, though we are not allowed to call it that, nor him that.

I have to ask my friends whom think they are liberals, is this what you wanted?

I have to ask this too, why do you trust him?

He talked about controlling government spending- and than set us on course to triple our debt to levels unsustainable, he talked of tax breaks- but only delivers tax hikes, he now talks of more affordable and accessible health care- but now pushes for a program that will both delay and deny health care, and create a spending bureaucracy bigger than anything we have ever had!


He vows to destroy that which allows America to grow and prosper- our mobility, our ability to build, and to create with the energy we need to do so.

He promises he knows ‘we’ can reinvent the wheel, and to prove it -he will ration our energy, and triple or quadruple it’s cost to force us to try!

If a Democrat Senator from New York, (talking head of the Obama machine), can make the assertion that regulating free speech on radio should be done as if it were pornography, than I think it is ‘fair’ for me to make the following analogy about our president.

Our president is deceitful in the same way in which a child predator is. Our citizens are being ‘groomed’, told to trust, expected to mind, and will be abused by this man’s actions today-tomorrow and well into the future.

He is pretending to help the American people, while he is destroying us.

He will decide our ration, and use redistribution, and regulations to insure we pay and obey!

It is a ration of…

US Value-Added Tax (VAT) = A National Sales Tax? Buyer Beware!

Elections have consequences, and when the consequences leave the Democrats with so much power- every bad idea they ever had, crawls out from it’s hole-… like the boogieman crawling out from under a child’s bed!

When you have the likes of who we now have in charge, you come to expect a few lame brain ideas, but with the recent nearly total acquiescence of the media in resigning their watchdogs roles to become lapdogs, we are getting the worst of the worst in’ tax and spend’ away prosperity ideas- one after another!

Now we have another battle to defend against-(they really like modeling us after European failure)
the VAT (Value added Tax) aka the national sales tax.
US Value-Added Tax (VAT) = A National Sales Tax?  Buyer Beware!

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