US Value-Added Tax (VAT) = A National Sales Tax? Buyer Beware!

Elections have consequences, and when the consequences leave the Democrats with so much power- every bad idea they ever had, crawls out from it’s hole-… like the boogieman crawling out from under a child’s bed!

When you have the likes of who we now have in charge, you come to expect a few lame brain ideas, but with the recent nearly total acquiescence of the media in resigning their watchdogs roles to become lapdogs, we are getting the worst of the worst in’ tax and spend’ away prosperity ideas- one after another!

Now we have another battle to defend against-(they really like modeling us after European failure)
the VAT (Value added Tax) aka the national sales tax.
US Value-Added Tax (VAT) = A National Sales Tax?  Buyer Beware!

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