This Con and the Other Con


A friend of mine sells expensive vehicles to people.

Often a new customer will come in to see him about a new purchase, but with some concerns about past transactions they experienced with other people that also sell stuff.

Upon hearing their concerns he assures them:

“If  I can’t help you,  I will not hurt you.”

My friend is good at selling stuff and he is true to his word, his customers come back to see him the next time they are ready to buy!

Another friend has a favorite mechanic.  Recently this friend bought a second hand car somewhere to use to commute to and from his job.  The second hand car had long since seen its better days.

As the problems mounted, one day my friend had his  mechanic take a look at his old car whereby the mechanic flat out told him; “Friend I can’t let you sink anymore money into this heap, and I will not work on it for you.”

It was time to donate the car and buy another.  So he did.

What we are talking about here is trust.  We like dealing with people we can trust to keep our interests in mind , not just their own.

When someone pretends to have your interest in heart but doesn’t truly, is when one gets severely burned!

America is about to get severely burned by a multitude of people pretending to have her best interest at heart!

A con game is a con game, no matter how the con artist dresses, what positions they hold or have held, or how many testimonials they provide to support the claims of their game.

When you have invented a believable ‘problem’ that is celestial in size,  with a solution that revolves around molecular sized particles, in uncountable numbers, and you actually have convinced a sizable percentage of the world to believe you, you are one dandy of a con!

When you can convince people to have money trade hands from one to another in order to reduce the number of molecular particles to a smaller,  yet still uncountable number and pay an ever increasing price for the privilege of not being caught with the unwanted particles when someone calls “Gin!”, you are such a great con you will probably become filthy rich!

You may also have some aptitude in convincing people you are looking out for their health concerns.

Going back to my friends old car for a moment.

Some so-called mechanics are also con artists, and they would  bleed every last dime they could  out of my friends wallet, had he brought that heap into them.

Some people have no actual idea on how to work on a car at all!

Some people have no idea what is best for a patient either when it comes to health care!

This does not stop them from wanting the job however.  They fancy themselves as doctors in their own right, and they believe they know the cure for societal ills.

They are ‘practicing without a license’.

These people are also cons.  They survive by pretending also, and by having access to truckloads of other peoples money to throw at any problem that comes along to disrupt their carelessly laid plans!

This con is also massive, elaborate, and involves convincing millions that a government that can’t budget anything right, has spent all the money they took and than some, can’t keep their own house in order, is now uniquely qualified, and solely able,  to take on the health care of you and your family (once they have invaded any semblance of privacy that you have ever had)!

This con, and the other con,  is not about money to them, however it will cost you dearly,  and break the bank and people,  and sadly cost lives!

This con and the other con is about give and take. You give away your power, they take your power!

How will you know if you have been conned?  Well in a few years time ask yourself this question-

Since they sure did not help me;  did they hurt me?

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