A Day Without Conservatives–The Call to Go Galt!

You knew this day was coming with a government ramming a socialist agenda down everyone’s throat.

This may be the only way to wake our leaders up and show them they better pay attention to the people, that are none too happy with the dismantling of our country.

The following just went out tonight!

On July 30th, Conservatives are “Going Galt”.

On that date, we are asking Conservatives all across the nation to “Call in Conservative”. On July 30th, Conservatives will not work, we will not buy. Instead, we will spend time with our families and friends. We will show President Obama and Congress who REALLY drives this economy. For more information on “A Day Without Conservatives , contact Judson Phillips at judson@teapartynation.com.

Call to Conservatives

Call to Conservatives

Looks like we have already had some naysayers!   I remember similar sentiments about the first Porkulus Protest” that morphed into the Tea Party Movement!

Can’t take a sick day from job w/o putting job in jeopardy?
You can still not spend money, and besides that,  Obama and Congress are putting a whole lot of peoples jobs in jeopardy, big time!
Think this will do no good?
That depends on how many people are fed up enough and how many people want to attempt to make a difference….no attempt because you fear failure is guaranteed failure!


Among Reichert’s reasons; We lack vision to see bigger picture…

Washington, DC – Congressman Dave Reichert’s Statement on  American Clean Energy and Security Act:

“Energy independence and our national security are critical issues for America. These issues transcend politics. The future of this country is on the line and we can spare no effort when it comes to  leading on these issues at a global level.

Energy independence and national security are indeed related and gambling that America can magically supply its energy needs by cutting off its availability from efficient sources is the lefts political plan.  The right has said let’s increase domestic production here at home in a clean and responsible manner with technologies that are available now while working to improve on those technologies to make them even better and cleaner!

“This bill is not perfect, but it is a vital step toward energy independence.

A bill based on a lie is not even in the same category as perfect! I would not be surprised if our energy dependence actually increases after this scam was wrought considerable damage for a couple of years!

“America cannot maintain global leadership without innovation and new ideas, and we cannot lead if we increasingly depend  on foreign nations to heat our homes and move people and goods.

Congress has deliberately created the dependence by continually working against the domestic production of our own energy and use of existing technologies. Innovation and new ideas come from free enterprise and not from government strings of control!

The price of inaction is too great; America cannot stand on the sidelines while our competitors embrace new energy efficient technologies.

The new technologies cost a fortune and deliver little in the way of efficiency while causing a myriad of brand new problems.  American business does not stand on the sidelines, now or ever, did Obama give him this line?

It’s also important that we engage in a bipartisan discussion as we move forward – this bill has many other hoops to jump through before it becomes law and I will continue to work with my colleagues across the aisle and in the Senate to gain more tax relief for middle-income families.

This is an admission that middle class income families will be economically harmed by the legislation. A real bi-partisan discussion would to be allow the thousands of scientists that have expressed dissent to be heard and listened to before drafting legislation that devastates an entire country!

“Teddy Roosevelt was the true example of a Republican engaged in conserving resources for our children and grandchildren, but he also had the foresight to seek a brighter future for them. Republicans must be at the table as we look for solutions in energy independence and preserving our environment, while also looking at the bigger picture and working with all of our colleagues for a stronger nation.”

Thank God for Teddy Roosevelt! What a great leader, who had vision, and had principles, and stayed true to them without making our country weaker (in every area) with hair-brained schemes sure to cost jobs, money, status, and freedom, for all of America,  like we have on the way with the Cap and Tax!

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Will Small Business Sponsor Those Fighting for Them?

There are hundreds of tea party groups now ready and able to make a difference!  These groups are digging into their own pockets to put on events and voluntarily contributing hundreds of hours of their time.  They are busy doing all they are doing in between doing what they normally do,  working and taking care of families.

While the opposition is flush with money diverted to a web of  “community groups” and unions- from out of the pockets of taxpaying working people and small businesses.

The large corporations may agree with the principles of the movement, but they are not going to do a thing to sponsor any of us in these politically correct  times.

Large corporations are not the ones that will be hurt  the most by these big tax, big spend, big government policies taking place, it is the small business and middle class that are about to have the hammer slam down upon them!

We are not recovering or even leveling out economically, and just think of the further damage next year as those tax cuts expire and these new energy taxes and regulations are beginning to be implemented.

Small businesses are going to have to cut their workforces even more, and may even limit the amount of business they can  do as they try to find the magic point that still yields profit without being consumed by new taxes and costly regulations.

They may not have any money left over to contribute to a candidate much less sponsor a group of  tea partiers,  yet I would submit,  at least they will know that by sponsoring a tea party event- they are helping empower people devoted to the same causes and principles verses what we have  with these unreliable and unprincipled politicians!

As the small business donor dollars dwindle, so too will all hope of representation in government if the current trend continues, the tea party movement is giving small business another possibility to look at in trying to invest in  and rebuild for the future.

Some Votes are Unforgivable

Some votes are unforgivable.

Eastside Tea Party is of the opinion that any and all support for a candidate holding office and voting for the hoax that is represented today by the Cap & Trade scheme is wholly unqualified, and unfit to deserve any future support either monetarily,  or by your  votes.


Photoshop: Leo Alberti

Cap and Tax sets off angry taxpayers impromtu protests across nation

The Vote to Sink

Americans with any sense whatsoever of the real science behind the Global Warming question have the absolute right to be enraged by the very fact that a vote will occur based on an insidious lie with monumental consequences is being considered at all today! Debate has been suppressed and dismissed.

The data is falsified, the fix is impossible, the consequences are horrendous, and America will have basically enabled a few to destroy what millions have built over two centuries in the name of doing something “necessary” for mankind!

Destroying our energy infrastructure will destroy our country.

The alternative energy sources to fossil fuels and nuclear energy cannot begin to supply our needs.

Americans will die due to this lie in ever increasing numbers.

This ‘scorched earth’,  ‘sink or swim’ policy decision only has one possible outcome.  We will sink.

The sun won’t care,  and neither will the climate.

Talking about competition(while working to destroy it)

The administrations marketing campaign for government run health care shifted into high gear this week and it remains to be seen where we all stand in the battle over control of lives.

Slick rhetoric, Astroturfed rallies , faked poll numbers, and partnership of government with media, have all played a part in the never ending campaign of deception against America.

It’s worrisome when one considers the success of this president in other campaigns despite his glaring deficiencies, and how many people bought his message, and now may do so again.

Obama has chosen his words carefully to disguise the truth, and sell his plan to Americans.

He can sound like a capitalist with a smile on his face, as he actually describes an anti-free enterprise system he is promoting.  His bizzare answers about competition go largely unchallenged by his truth challenged media.

Thankfully, the tea party movement and other groups have been out there to counter this false advertising campaign, which is  not about our health care at all,  if the truth is revealed,  it is about government control over us.

Remember Atlanta!

New tea party rally cry! Remember Atlanta!

All upcoming Independence day ralliers should also brings signs that show solidarity for the Tea Party cancelled

at the last minute for very suspicious reasons by very liberal property owners!

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