The “Campaign for America’s (Failure) Future”

Press release yesterday from the new liberal leftist coalition that feels emboldened,energized and more organized and unified than ever.

They will all be gathering In Washington DC, today, June 1st, to discuss their plans for us!

The effort is being termed the Campaign for America’s Future “America’s Future Now”, formerly known as “Take Back America”.

The itinerary of scheduled events looks like a bunch of backslapping amongst the worse of the liberals and their union boys, some more “torture talk”, some more talks on how they plan to stick it to Americans- with both of the big clubs: socialized medicine and the cap and trade tax ( our own Jay Inslee is big proponent for the Apollo farce)

The guest of speakers includes Jessee Jackson, Howard Dean, Barney Franks, Dick Durbin and others (choking here)!

They will talk about the : “Age of Obama” , and plans to elect more progressive,and other ways to exercise power over the people.

Oh yea, we that disagree, are labeled  “special interests ” .

Progressive groups are coordinating their efforts and mobilizing independently to fight special interests standing in the way of President Obama’s progressive agenda.

You betcha!- That’s exactly what we plan to do…stand in their way!

As liberals love to misname everything, I fixed it to more accurately describe the plan-

Campaign for America’s Future Failure!

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