The Obama Census Plan


If there is one thing that even a cursory review of Obamas past reveals it is this:
He has no reservations about using his political power through others to advance his political agenda.

The ‘ends’ always justify the’ means’ in his thinking, and those ‘means’ he employs have little resemblance to fair play or American values we value or respect.

He has a plan to use the Census, ACORN and the unions to permanently secure power in order to entrench his socialist/communist ideology upon America.

Read Michelle Malkin’s article on his plans here

There is a reason that the Democrats want 12-20 million illegal immigrants here, and they intend to ‘cash in’ on their efforts to keep them here, soon.

The 2010 Census and the elections will finish the integrity of the entire voting process, if we allow them to get away with it.

Today’s story by Malkin about the DOJ undermining the state and voters of Georgia, along with several judicial decisions requiring legitimate verification of voter eligibility, really hammers home the extent in which Obama and his minions have committed to getting these illegal votes.

Obama and Holder are taking actions to usurp legal citizens rights, and allow us to all become disenfranchised, by permitting illegal votes to be counted!

Are we going to allow Holder and Obama to destroy our legal rights to change our elected representatives?

Nothing is more basic to our entire system of government, than the integrity of the voting process!

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