AFP-“Hot Air Tour” plus Pelosi issues ultimatum!

Many of our friends from Tea Party Nation were able to attend this rally in Nashville!

The AFP Hot Air Tour is “Exposing the ballooning Costs of Global Warming Hysteria”

Here is an excerpt from the Americans for Prosperity blog-

Wednesday, June 3rd 2009

Nationally syndicated talk show host, Phil Valentine, joined us in Nashville along with a superb speaker from our friends at the Tennessee Center for Policy Research at the second event of our second leg of the “Hot Air Tour”.

Most important however, were the over 240 grassroots activists who poured onto the Tennessee fairgrounds on a hot June morning to send their Senators a message — vote NO on the job killing, energy tax increasing Cap and Trade legislation.

One gentleman from TeaPartyNation carried a huge sign around our rally that said it all, “Cap and Trade is just another name for a huge new Tax”. Another lady brought her six children to our event because she wants to “get them started early!” And, one of my heroes — Ben Cunningham — from the Tennessee Tax Revolt was there. It means a lot to have his wonderful organization’s support.

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Also on AFP–

Pelosi issues Cap and Trade ultimatum

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