Conservatives aren’t the extremists

The truth is warped and mangled by today’s media and the people know it. The more we bring it to their attention, the harder they insist it isn’t so.
The truth is spelled out by

about this new false label assigned to traditional Americans- by the alliance of an out of control and very intolerant left, and an ever compliant media determined to distort the facts.

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Conservatives aren’t the extremists

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Gray Matter, Sexism, Diamonds, and Obama Wisdom

Obama’s detractors do not just reside on the conservative facet of his polished zirconium image, the former luster is fading fast under some closer examination by many other folks, who are discovering upon further examination, that the diamond they so excitedly purchased (at an unbelievably and unexpectedly great deal price),  is not the value it had been represented to be.

For one, the emotions and anger by Democrats who expected Hillary Clinton to win, and win big,  in both the primaries and general elections has not subsided it seems, and the PUMA organizations are still fuming at the mistreatment they received within the party, the blog-o-sphere, and the media.

Obama has done nothing to change their perceptions, and in fact has alienated them further it seems, if you look at some of the recent blogs on the subject.

One blogger commented that ‘Michelle Obama had been relegated to playing the role of June Cleaver’, in response to another bloggers assertion due to her reputation as a ‘strong independent woman’ who would never ‘put up with sexism’ against woman by her husband or anyone else!

There are others, whom are not  being ignored by the media,  who are also dulling the shine on this seemingly precious stone.  Obamas contributors in his election included some of the richest and most powerful faces on earth, despite all the anti business rhetoric associated as a conservative element that does not exist within the ranks of the liberal left.

Steve Ballmer the CEO of Microsoft and huge financial contributor along with Bill Gates are actually threatening to move their employees off shore due to the tax policies Obama is instituting.

Economically cracks and fissures are growing as the bad news of our economy continues and Obamas moves to supposedly combat the negative direction, seem to be exacerbating the decline.

Conservatives already knew this of course, free enterprise must be left alone to grow and prosper, yet social engineers and these ‘doctors’ of the human social condition, can never stop trying to go against basic human nature.  Their tinkering in our lives, always ends in dictorial control of what we are permitted to do.

So it is also very interesting to read a blog that asks the question about the supposed source of the brilliant shine, that attracted such excitement for so many after being introduced to the new sensation.

This is the alleged superior brain power attributed to a young man, with very little real world experience in admintrative or executive decision making.

His  alledged super intelligence attribute was portrayed as the rare gift that few possess and Obama would use it,  to more than atone for any lack of experience,   to lead us away from our failures and into a new and better “change”.

Socialism is such an anti- freedom and anti-liberty system to peoples personal rights, and so anti-growth and anti-properity to a countries economic freedom that it certainly is a change for America.  Socialism is not a diamond.

Americans that are even partially awake can see that Obama is a socialist first and foremost.

Is he a genius or a brilliant thinker?  This question is asked, and answered objectively by another blogger, based on what we have in the way of information on the subject.

I would have to draw a conclusion based on what we have seen so far by putting it this way.

The most advanced robotic devises available for decades to come cannot even approach the level of a human child’s brain. Yet we know that even the simpilist of these man-made devices have detectors so allow them to change course to avoid obstacles and disaster.

We see the spectacular failures when those sensors fail to work and the robot cannot adjust course,

As a conservative,  I see the same thinking in Obama, and with so  many of his defenders, and it is good to see a few non-conservatives taking a closer look at what we really have with the “Obama Wisdom”.