Libs going Low with “Born Again American” video

Early today on one of our tea party sites we received messages encouraging everyone to view the video Born Again American.

An alert member found out the lowdown and very deceptive purpose behind the video-

This music video seems at first blush to be a very patriotic one. But the use of the word “Born Again” is a strictly Christian term to mean the spirit of a person being revived from death to life thru Jesus Christ. Yet there is a Muslim and a Jew singing together.

Type in the title of this song and see what you find. Norman Lear and his “People for the American Way” is not a conservative organization. It is a liberal group. Norman Lears’ group is pro: abortion, gay, etc. It is anti-right wing and anti-conservative.

Follow the links and you’ll find it a progressive deception tool to get some of you to follow their ways. Here is what I found on the page for the “People for the American Way”:

1. Pro-Sotomayer
2. Advocates passing the “Hate Crimes” bill
3. Says “Right Wing Follows Deceptive Script on Supreme Court”
4. Is pro-Prop 8 which is for the marriage of homosexuals.

This “Born Again Video” is the hook to get you to go to sites where it gets very anti-Christian, anti-conservative quickly. Please get rid of this pro-liberal video as it’s links lead to the enemy’s sites.

Also this video leads to pro-Obama sites.

In 1981, Lear founded People For the American Way, a civil liberties advocacy organization. [] [mentions this video] [attacks RWE i.e. you on this site]

This video because of it’s quick association to progressive/liberal links has no place on this site. It is a slick tool the liberals have used to try to gather people to it’s sites and ideology. I do agree that it is easy to be lead on by the seemingly nice and patriotic video.

Please pass this along to friends and other tea party members whom amy not yet be aware of the ulterior motive behind the video!


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  1. Absolutley! This video is far from conservative thought thanks.

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