What is Bioethics? Why Should You Care?

What is Bioethics?

Why should you care?

It’s a matter of life or death!

Bioethics is the discipline that looks at life and the decisions involving it.

As we enter into the intense debate over Health Care Reform it becomes critical to understand that our lives, health, science,  law, and politics are all on a collision course!

Abortion, cloning, stem cell research, ‘right to die’, medical decisions,  new drugs,  lifestyles, informed consent, organ procurement,  children’s rights, and many  more,  are all affected.

Bio means life,  and ethics is what society decides is right.

Our government is exercising more and more authority over the autonomy of the individual.

Auto meaning self and nomos meaning law…in other words -“self-determination”,  based on ones morals and values.

Politically, we have been losing more autonomy of our lives daily it seems.  We have elected and unelected officials directing what we can or can not do,  say,  or even think!

It is worse than just troubling to think about what decisions they will claim away from us next, it is actually frightening!

When it comes to our health care decisions it is a nightmare, we cannot awake from!

We are in this predicament for one reason, our Constitution has been ignored and stretched beyond its actual meaning,  allowing government to seize power over people they were never allowed,  nor ever intended to have!

Their  power is than used to leverage behavior over people, to act or not act a certain way.

Those in power now, are not at all satisfied with the excessive power they have seized, and wish to seize even more!

Health care control is one of the biggest levers they have always dreamed of having.  This power tool gives them unprecedented (in this country) control over any remnants of autonomy the people hope to retain.

Should America be foolish enough to accept any form of socialized medicine (that isn’t already in place), they will have will have forfeited that most important “self” part out of autonomy!

Family members will be leveraged to use the new ethics of ‘doing what is best for the family‘ in letting their loved one expire.

Social needs not to pay for “unneeded” and expensive medical procedures will be the “new patriotic thing” they promote as normal.

There is almost no limit to the deception, and unethical games,  played in politics these days, and those political decisions for your life, and your loved ones lives, are speeding our way.

Soon we will be hearing ‘experts’ from The Hasting CenterHarvard Medical School,  and others, that will be talking heads to let us know they have already figured out all these complex ethical questionsfor us!

I don’t know about you but I think I’ll pass~

I still consider the “self ” part of autonomythe most important part!

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