Change? Not so Far: Our Border Drug War Still Rages

The number of Americans killed by illegal immigrants exceeds the number of total American deaths in Vietnam War,  but with the Narco War the yearly deaths across our border the last few years regularly exceed the total number of American troops killed in both Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

Yet you hardly hear a thing from either our government or the ‘mainstream’ media.

There are some who are there to observe,  and document the horrendous narco wars that is taking out law enforcement officials at the rate of almost two lives lost each and every day!

Change? Not so Far: Our Border Drug War Still Rages

Our president has been traipsing around the world telling others just how bad America was because of George Bush,  so where is his leadership?  As a former consumer of illicit drugs,  he can share in the guilt for being part of the huge market for dope, by dopes in this country.

He is in the position to help bring this situation under control, so where is his leadership as  Mexico has its citizens slaughtered, their war is crossing our borders, and yet he worries for the rights of Gitmo terrorists instead?

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