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When you go to bed at night, and when you awake in the morning, news from the domestic front has been pretty consistent, bailouts, government takeovers, deficit spending, and every socialist solution ever thought of, is hurriedly being foist upon the American people.

They are in a hurry to push all these programs, and push them fast because they know if people get a chance to actually look at them …we will not accept them!

When you are in a hole- “stop digging” the saying goes, yet the Democrats not only won’t stop digging, they keep digging faster.

The personal charm of the president is starting to lose its sheen as people look at staggering numbers and realize we will never recover, or leave a free society for our children if we cannot stop the relentless irresponsibility of excessive spending, and huge tax increases looming for present and future generations.

Getting the real truth from the media these days would be like getting an actual photo of Sasquatch or Loch Ness”s “Nelly”, and it isn’t likely to happen.  They are all propagandists now at the three networks having sold out integrity for access and leaving the rest of us with story of Obama as a master fly swatter to be in awe of!

So I really appreciate the News highlights at and the comments associated with the stories.

I can go there and get a real assessment of what those headlines actually will mean to the American people.

The hurried push for Cap and Trade, Health care, increased Financial regulation of the free markets, and health care reform are just a few of the attacks we face on all fronts.

The VAT or Value added Tax will be another hurry up and get this passed because ‘we can’t afford to wait‘ socialist plan.

Action Alert: There is talk in Congress again about creating a value-added tax (VAT), and perhaps trying to sell it by offering some other tax breaks at first.  This could be a huge tax burden on everyone, raising the cost of almost everything we buy, while hiding the cost in the prices and making businesses responsible for the collection of it, somewhat like a sales tax system (but different – because the consumer doesn’t see the added tax cost, somewhat like the way that excise and other taxes are buried in the prices of gasoline, utilities, cigarettes, etc.  That maintains the fiction that income taxes are not being raised while dramatically increasing the actual tax burden on everyone.

You can read more about this at the link below

News Highlights

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