Dallas Tea Party billed as~”America’s Tea Party”

Obama and his minions have a problem!

Seems they forgot America is filled with good old fashioned freedom loving patriotic souls called Americans!

Across the land this Fourth of July our Independence celebrations are going to mean a little more than in years past.

Our heritage and our traditions and even our very freedom have come under a relentless attack by an elitist crowd of leftists intent on transforming America into a drab and dreary society with no hope of getting out from under their controlling thumbs!

Seems like they forgot freedom loving people do not shrink or fall at their feet just because they demand it!  We are Americans  after all, born of revolution and fierce defenders of freedom and liberty with a very long history of fighting to preserve it!

This Independence Day is going to be special all over the country!

Dallas has a grand extravaganza planned for their event billed as America’s Tea Party

to be held on the world-famous  Southfork Ranch of Dallas fame.

Nationally-known speakers – World-famous musicians – Fantastic fireworks extravaganza – Food, fun and more!Tens of thousands of citizens from Texas and around the region are expected to turn out on July 4, 2009 for America’s Tea Party, a FREE rally and fireworks show to be held at the famous Southfork Ranch near Dallas, TX. Southfork is internationally known as the film location for the legendary “Dallas” television series.

Meanwhile Nashville is not to be out done, with it’s own all-star lineups of speakers entertainers, and more in the July 2,2009 Nashville Patriotic Revival Rally

sponsored and organized by Tea Party Nation members

Come kick off your July 4th weekend with a family friendly event in Downtown Nashville! We will have a pre-Tea Party mixer/meet and greet from 4 – 6 with music, information booths and more. At 6 the Tea Party begins with Blue Collar Muse Ken Marrerro hosting, Ralph Bristol of Talk 99.7, Laurie Cardozo Moore from Proclaiming Justice to the Nations and our Special Keynote Speaker, the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson of Bond.org. Rev. Peterson will speak to us about the dangers of Socialism in America. You won’t want to miss this, so mark your calendars! This event is going to be BIG!!!!!

Of course in our own area there are dozens of events listed and you can use the new coalition of organizations for Washington State WA Tea Party Movement to find one you wish to attend.

All across the land the “second wave” has begun, the “surge” if you will.

The Independence Day surge and beyond

We are organized now, we have numbers, we have economic power, and we are coming on strong!

The “statists” are unprepared for the backlash they have caused.  Like the aftermath of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in WWII caused Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto to utter the words “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant”, so too will these socialist liberal Democrats who have run amok with their excessive power find  out they have also awakened the heart and soul of America!

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