Fight the Socialists Plan for Mega Taxes

Face it, the Democrats of today are now socialists!

The mega tax they are trying to enact in the name of the environment in the Cap and Trade scheme

will be devestating to America.

Scientists on both sides of the issue know that solar cycles warm the the Earth(and all the other planets in our system) and climate is a direct result of those cycles. They know man is of little if any consequence to the climate on Earth.

The whole plan is about controlling people, and it is largely a Democrat party scam!

The estimates of the effects on the American people by their regulations to control our behavior in the name of preserving our living environment are ugly!

For one it will devastate the economy as millions will not have money to buy food or power much less anything else!

It will cost lives , as people are forced to sacrifice safety for mobility in smaller unsafe vehicles.

It will result in the loss of millions more jobs.

It will cost an estimated $7 trillion loss  to our economy-

“Economic Unilateral Disarmament”

You can take action-

Dear Supporter of American Energy,

While the American economy continues to struggle, the Obama Administration is attempting to raise energy prices by forcing Americans to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. The only way to do this is by regulating and reducing the energy we get from natural gas, coal, and oil—the sources of 85 percent of our energy.

We must fight back. The Administration will only accept comments until June 23rd. Please join us and tell the Administration that we should be free to use the energy sources that work the best and cost the least.

If the Obama Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) moves forward with their plan, bureaucrats will regulate your lawnmower’s gas mileage, your car, the light bulbs in your house, the heating and cooling system in your children’s school, and even your electricity use. These are just a few of the likely outcomes if the Administration decides to regulate greenhouse gases using the Clean Air Act.

The Administration must hear your voice. Send a comment to EPA today.

AEA believes the Clean Air Act is not the appropriate tool to regulate greenhouse gases. If Congress wants to regulate greenhouse gases, it should explicitly authorize such regulations instead of allowing a bunch of unelected bureaucrats at EPA to do so.

EPA is currently soliciting public comments on their proposed plan to regulate greenhouse gases using the Clean Air Act. Let your voice be heard! Time is of the essence! We can only stop this harmful plan if you weigh in today.


Thomas Pyle
American Energy Alliance


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  1. Surely “State Capitalist” (just like the old Soviet Union, and Chine these days) rather than “socialist”.

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