Obama as “Leader of the Free World”

The Presidency of the United States had become analogous with the realistic title of the “Leader of the Free World”, that is until now.

With Obama it now reads “Leader of the Free World”,  evidently.

He has shown us this week just what lengths he will go to in avoiding promoting freedom anywhere, as the people of Iran bravely and defiantly attempt to stand up against tyranny, our leader defers,  not wanting to be seen as interfering.

Yet Obama is not doing anything new, he has not really spoken of freedom since he became the president.

I believe it is because he is an anti-freedom ideologue and proves it more every day he has had power.

While searching for speeches on freedom given by Obama, I stumbled upon this article by Christine Smith

Socialist Obama Speaks

From Christine’s list of recommended sites, I found the site Downsize DC which I really like-

This article about the proposed Health Care reforms was especially insightful as the author boils it down into a

simple set of questions we can ask!

Complexity, Simplified

So though the search for speeches given by Obama on freedom proved fruitless,never-the-less I was able to locate a couple of great sites and add them to the links available for you here at Eastsideteaparty!

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