Talking about competition(while working to destroy it)

The administrations marketing campaign for government run health care shifted into high gear this week and it remains to be seen where we all stand in the battle over control of lives.

Slick rhetoric, Astroturfed rallies , faked poll numbers, and partnership of government with media, have all played a part in the never ending campaign of deception against America.

It’s worrisome when one considers the success of this president in other campaigns despite his glaring deficiencies, and how many people bought his message, and now may do so again.

Obama has chosen his words carefully to disguise the truth, and sell his plan to Americans.

He can sound like a capitalist with a smile on his face, as he actually describes an anti-free enterprise system he is promoting.  His bizzare answers about competition go largely unchallenged by his truth challenged media.

Thankfully, the tea party movement and other groups have been out there to counter this false advertising campaign, which is  not about our health care at all,  if the truth is revealed,  it is about government control over us.

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