The Vote to Sink

Americans with any sense whatsoever of the real science behind the Global Warming question have the absolute right to be enraged by the very fact that a vote will occur based on an insidious lie with monumental consequences is being considered at all today! Debate has been suppressed and dismissed.

The data is falsified, the fix is impossible, the consequences are horrendous, and America will have basically enabled a few to destroy what millions have built over two centuries in the name of doing something “necessary” for mankind!

Destroying our energy infrastructure will destroy our country.

The alternative energy sources to fossil fuels and nuclear energy cannot begin to supply our needs.

Americans will die due to this lie in ever increasing numbers.

This ‘scorched earth’,  ‘sink or swim’ policy decision only has one possible outcome.  We will sink.

The sun won’t care,  and neither will the climate.

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