Will Small Business Sponsor Those Fighting for Them?

There are hundreds of tea party groups now ready and able to make a difference!  These groups are digging into their own pockets to put on events and voluntarily contributing hundreds of hours of their time.  They are busy doing all they are doing in between doing what they normally do,  working and taking care of families.

While the opposition is flush with money diverted to a web of  “community groups” and unions- from out of the pockets of taxpaying working people and small businesses.

The large corporations may agree with the principles of the movement, but they are not going to do a thing to sponsor any of us in these politically correct  times.

Large corporations are not the ones that will be hurt  the most by these big tax, big spend, big government policies taking place, it is the small business and middle class that are about to have the hammer slam down upon them!

We are not recovering or even leveling out economically, and just think of the further damage next year as those tax cuts expire and these new energy taxes and regulations are beginning to be implemented.

Small businesses are going to have to cut their workforces even more, and may even limit the amount of business they can  do as they try to find the magic point that still yields profit without being consumed by new taxes and costly regulations.

They may not have any money left over to contribute to a candidate much less sponsor a group of  tea partiers,  yet I would submit,  at least they will know that by sponsoring a tea party event- they are helping empower people devoted to the same causes and principles verses what we have  with these unreliable and unprincipled politicians!

As the small business donor dollars dwindle, so too will all hope of representation in government if the current trend continues, the tea party movement is giving small business another possibility to look at in trying to invest in  and rebuild for the future.

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