“How To” unwritten rule for elections written here in King County

Here in Washington State the “outcome” in the Minnesota Senate race is no surprise.

Do I trust the results in that race anymore than I do the “outcome here between the Republican Dino Rossi and the Democrat Christine Gregoire in the 2004 election? No.

In 2000 when Al Gore came within a whisper of changing the “outcome” by changing the rules (after the fact), I had hoped that there would have been a restoration of integrity in elections, however that is not what I see happening.

What I see happening is that all close elections can be decided by lawyers rather than voters!

King County helped write the “How To” chapters in the new game where the object is, as always, to win at any cost.  In order to do so, you need only to get the contest to the point where the new unwritten rule is applicable!

Which is this:  Any “Tie” (any close election) goes to the party- with the trickiest lawyers!

In 2009 the job of ACORN just became a little easier!  They no longer need to get enough fraudulent registrations to win elections, they merely need to get enough to make the race close.  Once the baton is handed off to the lawyers the “outcome” will be a matter of time and some tweaking on the understanding of rules which really don’t mean what they were written to mean.

In King County, where I reside, we have lots of rules and lots of lawyers; what we don’t have anymore is integrity in the election process.

Did you happen to notice how the new president looked to our county for some key appointments to his cabinet?

I think he likes the way the “outcome” game is played out here in such a similar fashion to Chicago,  and for some it is great to know you’re noticed by somebody so “important”,  even if it is for all the wrong reasons!

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