Tea Party Crowds Right-Stimulus Plan Kills More Jobs

People wonder why the Tea Party movement is still here, and still growing.

Votes for bills with place holders.

Votes for bills unread.

Rhetoric to rush it all through by a ideologue president talking as if he wasn’t one, but acting much differently!

The media and Obama would like everyone to believe that the “stimulus plan”, sold as necessary to keep unemployment down below 8 % is working,  just slower than expected.

With 8% unemployment well in the rear-view mirror and rapidly zooming toward the 10% rate despite wasting a trillion or so dollars, the only thing left to wonder about now is why the tea party crowds are not much bigger.

The people said no to the stimulus, no to the bail outs, and no to cap and trade, yet what has the all knowing Obama administration and Congress brought us instead? Debt and numbers like this…

Stimulus Plan Kills More Jobs

According to the new labor report, 467,000 jobs were lost in June, bringing the number of unemployed persons to 14.7 million and driving up the unemployment rate to 9.5%. Yet the President continues to tell Americans that the stimulus plan has been successful. Here are the facts:

  • Non-farm payroll dropped in June by 467,000 jobs, which is more than last month and much higher than expected.
  • The number of unemployed persons is now 14.7 million — the highest level in American history.
  • The unemployment rate is now 9.5% — the highest level since August 1983.
  • This year, we’ve lost 2.6 million jobs and the unemployment rate has risen by 2.3 percentage points.
  • Since President Obama was elected in November 2008, we’ve lost 4.9 million jobs and the unemployment rate has risen by 2.9 percentage points.

Source Senate Conservative Fund _ Senator Jim DeMint

Good thing this stimulus is “working”, I would hate to see the numbers if it were not!

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