The Clubbing of Americas Middle Class

I hope that Americans remember this week not to let up the pressure they have been putting on Congress. The Senate now has the ball in its court on “Cap and Trade”. Our Senators need to know that we the people recognize the outrageous bill that came out of the House last week for what it is, and what it is not.

What it is not, is a solution for protecting the environment, jobs, energy independence, or any of the purported reasons it’s proponents have forwarded.

What it is, is a legislative club to be used in an unmerciful fashion to wreck havoc on the middle class and our property, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

Did you give consent to your Representative to beat you down, to destroy your countries prosperity, and to deny your children’s unalienable rights and freedom?

Why was the president smirking and smiling, and Nancy Pelosi applauding herself and fellow conspirators when they passed this hideous method of control over the populous?

The basics of government are really simple in that we either or served by our government or serve our government. Cap and trade is a brutal club to hasten a change from a system of freedom, to a system of servitude, it is really that basic.

This Global Warming scam is the conspiracy of all conspiracies and it’s inventors are master swindlers. Convincing millions of Americans of an urgent need to self destruct has involved a meticulous and deliberate conspiracy by a lot of people.

Remove the “bought and paid for” science from the equation, and the debate truly is totally over, the “deniers” win, there is no global warming! People all over the world are now beginning to be skeptical for good reason, they are hearing the real scientific evidence, finally!

Here in this country there is still a tendency to believe that our own government is incapable of taking ruthless brutal actions against their own citizenry for no good reason. Maybe that is why so many people look for truth in what their government says, when they are lying through their teeth without blinking an eye!

It’s time to tell Congress this sham is exposed and it is past time to kill it for good. It is time to shame those for ever supporting this blatant attack on our freedom and to hold those who have aided and abetted in this crime against us accountable.

Should we give them consent to use this club, it will be used, and it will not be pretty.

We will be beat into submission and become subjects rather than citizens, ruled by the very people that engineered our demise for their power over us, and global warming will become a faint memory that had something to do with our loss.

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