The extent of Media Bias realized and increasingly resented

Nashville Revival Rally July 2nd, 2009

Photos from “America’s Tea party” in Dallas at Southfork Ranch

If you are among the 100,000’s that attended a tea party this past weekend chances are you did so without any of those pesky propagandists (formally known as journalists) around trying to get you to say something good about our government these days.

I think they may just be  following that old adage “If you don’t have anything nice to say; than don’t say anything at all!

Maybe they are just too embarrassed to show up to see what normal Americans think!

Too bad, they missed a lot.

Funny though, nobody seemed to miss them! The stories and photos are being posted!

They missed hearing how we know our founders got it right.  They missed hearing that people know the difference between a constitutional republic and what the Democrats try and instill every time they gain any power!

They missed that we acknowledge a higher power grants mankind  natural rights and governments should only exist to preserve and protect those rights!

They missed how we respect the words in our Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem, Declaration of Independence and in our Constitution.

They missed how we honor our fallen and respect our veterans.

Nor were they there to hear the stories of those who have escaped to America from elsewhere and know this to be the best country on earth because of our freedom.

Thank you my fellow American, my “right winged extremists” friends, or as Obama like to call us all- “special interests”!

From what I witnessed at the tea party I attended it is true…we do have a “special interest”, keeping America free and our liberty intact while having those values pass on to future generations.

It’s the biggest story there is out there, record numbers of Americans standing up for what they believe in!

The tea party coverage that wasn’t

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