Tea Party Movement flexing its muscles

Over at Tea Party Nation a fellow member and online friend Mark Herr led his local organization The Midsouth Tea Party in another counter demonstration against the Move-on.org Public Health crowd in Memphis,  outside of Tennessee’s Senator Corker’s office! The “move-on crowd” looked stunned to see and hear them there, and it seems that the Senators people were forced to address both sides of the issue (which was not the plan the libs had in mind) for their sponsored event!  Here is  a preliminary account from Mark below-

Hi all, just a small update…WE, the MSTP, crashed MoveOn.org’s attempt to persuade Senator Corker’s vote on GRHC (Gov’t Ruined Health Care) Act of 2009.  They were not expecting us to be there…and WE showed up!!!  There was a cordial, yet spirited debate on the facts…Eventually, WE could sign a letter to the Senator either supporting or rejecting GRHC.
Afterwards, The MSTP CMTE approached the spokesman for the Pro-GRHC crowd to coordinate a community based forum by which WE could all voice OUR opinions on the subject…”

It is very ironic that a lot of these union members and the politicians themselves would not be subjected to the very health care reforms they are attempting to impose on the rest of us!

American Thinker relays similar accounts from around the country at these staged events.

Tea Party Movement flexing its muscles

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