Tea Party’s: Who are these people?

Why in the world are people taking to the streets in droves with homemade signs and organizing rallies all over the country? Don’t they have something better to do with their time and energy?

Who are these guys who keep showing up with this message that is counter to what the “real” protesters with mass produced signs and union generated slogans say?

How dare they counter the perception of a horrible America where everyone is a victim of corporations and capitalism?

Don’t these people know that they helpless and that government is the answer?

These people must be the extreme right wingers, these tea party freaks!

They are definitely a threat to the country because even the Homeland Security Czar, or someone, said they are right wing extremists!

Obviously these  “Teabaggers” are missing marbles and cannot be taken seriously right?

After all, aren’t the fair guys in office now? They are going to make sure everything is fair.

Who are these guys that keep coming on relentlessly even though the press has been careful not to acknowledge their presence at all! The big corporations must have hatched a secret plan, we better look into this to make sure we find and expose these conspirators fast and furiously!

These people are just racists, and don’t like having a black man rule them!

This is what the left is saying on their blogs albeit with a much harsher tone and acerbic passion.

So who are the real tea party people?

Mostly just regular people that are concerned about their country.

They are so concerned that they have done what most have never done before.. become activists.

Why are they concerned when all the regular media paints such a rosy picture about the administrations competence and advanced visions for America, finally (after Bush)?

They are rational, they see through the hype and the myths, and see reality. They see the great danger now facing America.  They also realize that far too many people are oblivious to the real danger.

Our Forefathers and Founders wrote extensively of the dangers of losing freedom altogether, and the very specific warnings are being unheeded in frightening numbers of a populous dumbed down to accept a perception of reality rather than the actual reality by how they are receiving and digesting information.

Some people are less concerned about the state of the American mind these days and feel that Americans always wake up to reality in time because they have in the past.  Those who take this attitude are probably in a denial about reality also.

America is not America without liberty, without freedom.

Our unique and powerful Constitution has been the fortress that has protected America and enabled the greatest free society in the history of mankind.

That fortification has been weakened significantly over decades however and allowed a top heavy government to encroach upon our rights, redistribute wealth, ignore state sovereignty, and the individuals freedom.

Those entrusted to preserve and protect our Constitution have found ways to subvert it and even have reached the point of publicly complaining of it’s design that limits their power over it citizens.

As a result we are very close to having a permanent loss of freedom as bigger and bigger gaps are wedged open in our Constitution by those pretending to be acting on the behalf of the people.

The people at these tea party’s are people like you and I.  These are people with jobs and generally the most responsible members of society. They are also the productive members of society that believe in using their liberties to make their own way in life. They are also veterans that know what America stands for and what the real price for freedom means. They are young and old and black and white and every other ethnicity. They are just as diverse as our neighborhoods and country itself.

Most of these people are people you would trust to watch your kids, or to keep an eye on your house while you were away. They are traditional Americans with regular traditional family values.

Every member is not  a conservative though most are, but they do have a common belief and that is our government is no longer representing the vast majority of Americans and they are engaging in a process that is selling our children’s futures, and American freedom, so that they can retain power.

Too many others are living in the perceived world  and playing along with the distorted reality lacking the vision to see the ultimate consequences of their actions.  Whole industries are capitulating to government demands instead of fighting for the system that allowed them to exist in the first place.  It is truly amazing.

Some people are awake and working to warn others before it is too late, we are the people of the tea party movement. We are growing in numbers, and waking up more people every day. We have a lot of work to do to stop the government from abusing its authority and return to its mandated role as articulated in the Doctrines of Freedom.

If you too are concerned for America join a tea party group (there is one near you), and they are fighting for this country from the ground up!


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  1. It is so frustrating to watch the Left and mainstream media characterize myself and other teapartiers like this, especially since I am none of the things they claim teapartiers are.

  2. Alan Caruba wrote an excellent piece (as always) on his blog Warning Signs.
    The press ignoring a million people protesting is quite a story in itself!

    Fortunately we do not depend on them- in any manner to continue our efforts!

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