July 17th Action Alert: Seattle Sons and Daughters of Liberty

Friday is important!

We need to show up in numbers to let it be known that Government Health Care is a sick idea!

Here is Liberty Belle’s Action Alert!

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Fight Government Run Health Care!

When: Friday, July 17th
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Where: Every WA State Representative and Senator’s office across the state

“We the People” must send this message to Congress: millions of us, across the country, taking it to the streets in a simultaneous protest against the mighty effort to deprive us of our right to determine our own health care choices.

From Florida to Washington, from Maine to California, from Alaska to Hawaii and everywhere in between you and thousands of other Tea Party Patriots will assemble together outside the offices of those who are elected to represent us, and make our voices heard once again.

We need you and anyone else you can bring in order to achieve our goal of having massive numbers to make our point outside every single district office in the country. Take 1 hour off of work on July 17th to show up and speak out.

You need to find the WA State Representative or Senator nearest to you, so please visit Tea Party WA where you will find a comprehensive list of office locations as well as other information. To RSVP please go here.

Bring signs and letters to give to your Representative or Senator. There will be no formal agenda, no speakers, no sound systems. Just citizens fighting the Goliath sized government with their bare hands. We need every body available! If you absolutely cannot make it, please fax your letter or call during that same time period.

Keep in mind that we are the only ones fighting the massive army of Organizing for America (Obama’s activists from the campaign), who are currently working day and night to support a government run health care system. Check out their event search page to see how many events they are planning in your neighborhood! There are a lot, and that means we need to fight harder!!

Never stop fighting.

In liberty,

Liberty Belle

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