Barack Obama is no Hero

Barack Obama is no Hero

He never has been, and he never will be.  Barack Obama may have a large group of groupies but he certainly is no hero.

A hero is someone who has displayed extraordinary bravery to do the right thing- not someone who displays extraordinary arrogance in wanting to dominate others.

A hero is someone who rushes into a burning building that is about to become engulfed to rescue it’s occupants.

Barack Obama wants to release the ‘misunderstood’ criminals  from jail early.

A hero is one who jumps into an icy river from a helicopter to save a plane crash survivor about to succumb to the effects of extreme hypothermia unable to function a moment longer to save themselves.

Barack Obama wishes to decide when government can pull one’s life support system.

A hero is a doctor that battles for hours on end to take every possible step and draw on every possible inner strength to give the hopelessly injured a fighting chance at life.

Barack Obama says  killing infants is preferable to allowing young mothers to be punished with a baby.

A hero is the young person bravely facing a merciless enemy to defend his countryman’s wish to be free in wars far from home.

Barack Obama is repulsed by the thought of individual freedom , sovereignty, or determining ones own life choices, wanting to use the force of government to dictate, and to impose  the conditions of collectivism.

We have seen our heroes in action.  We know them.  They are in action everyday, fighting fires, treating injured and sick, rescuing the helpless, fighting for liberty,  and taking risks for others.

Barack Obama dresses nice, talks slick, and steals money from others so that he can give it to those who will help him keep power.  Not something any actual hero would ever do.

When a real hero talks of his deeds, it is almost always done reluctantly and humbly at the insistence of someone else.

Barack Obama really does think he “might be a little too awesome”, and expects us all to believe this also.

I know what heroes are and Barack Obama, you are no hero.

You are the antithesis of a hero depending on others to do your bidding and claiming undue glory for your accomplishments.  Bowing to Arab leaders, trashing the reputation of this country, high-fiving the oppressors of the world, using the power of government to tear down your own country as quickly as any enemy would hope for.  Doubling our national debt and placing millions more into the pathetic life of government welfare is hardly a hero’s legacy.

I have some new heroes to see these days though I do not know who they are.  My new heroes are those that at first supported you , blinded by the style and delivery of impossible promises, but have recovered their vision now to see what you truly are.  They are now brave enough to do the right thing and seek the truth.  Your numbers of supporters are dropping, so we know they are out there.

Barack Obama, you are a man bent on dominating and ruling others, while using the force of government to do so, just as every tyrant that ever proceeded you has.  The madness of the liberal mind always tries to justify this course.

I know nobody around you will tell you so- but,  Barack Obama you are no hero, never have been, never will be.


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  1. Not only is he not a hero, but he demeans true American heroes- our men and women in uniform.

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