Stalkers, and Stars Align with Mythology

I love it when someone of the liberal ilk calls in to one of the talk radio shows and pretends to be all so knowledgeable and learned compared to the unwashed masses of ignorant right wingers.  Today I listened as some arogant man, I have heard plenty of times, call in to Sean Hannity who is known as “Mike The Stalker”.

You could just hear the discust and disdain dripping like drool from a rabid canine as he describe the tea party movement participants as ignorant “Teabaggers” over and over with each successive reference seemingly so unpalpable to him that one actually expected the unmistakeable sound of a wretching vomit to follow.

This is how it goes with the vast majority of these libs–They always have a name to call us, always are condescending, sarcastic, and have an irrational belief that they alone are capable of discerning the truth, which means in essence believing in the same ideology as them is smart, and everything else is dumber than dirt.

Mark Levin probably knows more about the Constitution in his little toenail than “Mike the Stalker’ ever will. The list of people advocating the conservative thought is filled with some very impressive people holding some very impressive academic credentials, and most of my favorites hold Phd’s.

Michelle Malkin is a big thorn to the libs tender sides also.  She links to great articles constantly.  I have come to the conclusion that she is of another world because she can put out so much information, so fast, from so many resources and link to it all, and reference what it all says and means, while still being a wife and mother.

One of those links she provided in the last few days  Health Care Mythology by Clifford S. Asness, Ph.D.was an invaluable read as a lead up to Obama’s failed presser today, and the author has a great name for his blog, Stumbling on Truth.

What I witnessed today was Obama stumbling all over his lies and promoting an unworkable solution for our future.

He had no real answer for the rush, which he, and everyone else already knew. Basically the “stars were aligned” to make it happen. He would not admit the costs, the sacrifices he is expecting us all to make, or the likeliness of the inevitable results of this change to our health care from a mostly private to an all government run system, and he lied poorly while trying to perpetuate the myths regarding health care.

Mike the Stalker probably thought he was brilliant today.

Me, being a mere “Teabagger”, an ignoramus, in Mike’s worldview, saw a man bound and determined to punish success in this country, and saw that the stars were aligned to do so with another crisis manufactured to do just that!

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