An open letter to Glenn Beck about the 9/12 protest in Washington DC

An important analysis of where the American people are- and what we need to do to stop an elitist government, and replace it with a representative one. I hope all my friends and readers take the time to read this piece.
An open letter to Glenn Beck about the 9/12 protest in Washington DC

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Md’s Fighting Back

Liberty Belle needs our help calling MD’s

Friday, August 28, 2009

Volunteers Needed to Make Phone Calls!

Volunteers Needed to Call Some Doctors!
What: The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) and Tea Party Patriots have organized a Doctor’s Rally on September 10, in Washington D.C. This rally will take place two days before the big taxpayer march on September 12. They need to get the word out to doctors and they are desperate for people who can make some phone calls in the next couple of days! They need to call over 400 physicians in Washington State. If you have any time at all, please consider helping out.
Contact: If you want to volunteer, please email Kathryn Serkes at, and put “Volunteer to call WA Docs” in the subject line. You can check out the AAPS’s website here for more information about how they are fighting against this legislation, and fighting for doctors and patients.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons is fighting the health care reform battle

We also note that the White House is now being sued for suppression of free speech over their attempt to silence critics with the fishy and illegal data collection program-

CONTACT: Kathryn Serkes, AAPS

August 27, 2009
Embargoed until 11 am:

WHITE HOUSE SUED OVER FREE SPEECH VIOLATIONS in healthcare battle: Doctor & patient groups say White House intended to shut up opponents

Washington DC — The Office of the President and other White House officials are defendants in a free speech lawsuit filed by a prominent physician group, and a non-profit advocate for inner-city poor.

The White House has “unlawfully collected information on political speech,” thereby illegally using the power of the White House to chill opposition to its plans for health care reform, according to the complaint filed in District Court for the District of Columbia, by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) and the Coalition for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) .

The lawsuit was prompted by the White House solicitation for the public to report any “fishy” comments to ‘’ Although the White House slightly revised its data collection procedure last week, the email address still exists, the illegal activity continues, and is part of an “unlawful pattern and practice to collect and maintain information” on the exercise of free speech, which “continues in violation of the Privacy Act and First Amendment even if the Defendants terminate a particular information-collection component due to negative publicity.”

Manufactured Healthcare Crisis

James Simpsons article hits the nail on the head.

Manufactured Healthcare Crisis

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Learning Arizona

Obamacare Public Option

Obamacare Public Option

This article was received via e-mail from Small Business Against Big Government.

Last week I attended a luncheon with some other small business people to hear the Arizona State Treasurer address Arizona’s private and public economic status.  The Treasurer pulled no punches. The state legislature is deadlocked over the budget and barring either immediate spending cuts or an immediate tax increase the state is 30-60 days away from being out of money.

Arizonians were sold a bill of goods involving the big tobacco settlement from 1998, remember that?

By the next election cycle Proposition 204 sealed their fate- as what was sold- was not what was written in the bill, just as the Obama administration is doing now.

This is an excellent article that clearly lays out what awaits America with the Trojan Horse called the Public Option!

Anatomy of a Trojan Horse

If you think by some miracle that Obamacare actually has a chance of bringing any of the improvements promised, take a look at reality, than get out there and help stop this before it is too late!

“Our Government” Turning on Americans

Those who are joining the tea party movement have one goal in common,we are  Americans reclaiming our power.

But our own government cannot allow us to retake our power from them, so they blame others for misleading us and not knowing what is best for us!

“Angry mobs of rabid right-wing extremists.”
Brad Woodhouse, Democrat National Committee

“….manufactured anger.
Robert Gibbs, White House spokesman

“experts at fake grassroots campaigns that promote corporate interests.”
Rachel Maddow, MSNBC

“oil industry and Republican operative millionaires’ club
Rachel Maddow, MSNBC

This is the year 2009.  Our country is the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Our country is the champion of liberty and individual rights.  Our country celebrates over  two centuries of prosperity and and more freedom and innovation than the world has ever witnessed. We have become the most powerful nation on earth because of the most perfect document guaranteeing our rights, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness ever penned, our US Constitution.

However there are those that have worked slowly but surely to erode every joint in our framework for our free republic.  They are doing this without the consent of the governed while pretending to protect and preserve our core strengths.

Now our most basic, God given rights, are being challenged by a government confused by what they are allowed to do with their delegated power and with what they do not have authority to do.

The very first and most important right listed in our Bill of Rights  is appropriately  freedom of speech.

For government at the highest levels to order surveillance and reporting of those speaking in a dissenting voice and to be falsely named as unruly mobs is a sign that should concern all Americans greatly.

One party has come to monopolize the flow of information to the people and are crossing the line and identifying ordinary concerned citizens as something we are not!

Today a blogger wrote who we actually are very eloquently

at the website Hot and I wanted to share his thoughts-

Who We Are

posted at 8:48 am on August 6, 2009 by Doctor Zero
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There seems to be a bit of confusion among Democrats about the nature of the opposition to their plans. Maybe I can help clear things up, by telling them a few things about us.

We’re not paid minions of any corporate interest or lobby. Most bloggers working to stop the Obama health-care disaster are like me, writing when they can find the time, because we care about the future of our country. The same is true of the people showing up at town hall meetings, and organizing rallies. Some of us are well-dressed in tailored suits. Others wear jeans and T-shirts. Most of us are dressed in what we wore to work.

Our support for a massive government program does not increase when you tell us we’re not allowed to ask questions about it.

We’re not racists. We’re also not racialists. We don’t think a wise Latina is inherently more qualified to do anything than a wise Asian woman, a wise white woman, or a wise white man. We’re tired of being fed excuses for high government offices staffed by anything but the best people for the job. There are too many high government offices, so we’d like some of Obama’s absurdly incompetent appointees to take their titles with them when they leave. We remember what it was like when we got rid of the Clinton mob, so we’ll be conducting inventories on the contents of those vacated offices, before we turn out the lights and pour cement in the locks.

We don’t like having to fight desperate battles to save our freedom and future from socialist politicians every ten or twenty years. We don’t like having our time wasted with trillion-dollar statist fantasies, when our government is already trillions of dollars in the red. We’re tired of checking the papers each day, to see which group of us has been targeted as enemies of the State. We’re growing impatient waiting for the Democrats to come up with ideas that don’t require their supporters to hate someone. We’ve had our fill of “progressives” who act as if we’re living in 1909, and none of their diseased policies have ever been tried before.

We believe government should be punished for failing to live up to the expectations of its citizens, not the other way around. We don’t think people who destroy thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in market value should get a pass because they meant well. We’ve had enough of dodging a massive State that wants to organize, subsidize, penalize, and divide us. We refuse to pay tithe to a religion we don’t support, including the official State religion of global warming. We demand honesty, humility, and transparency from our public servants, no matter how many elections they’ve won. We won’t settle for making the only important decisions about our futures in the voting booth, once every couple of years.

We don’t blame people for showing up to grab their share of a government handout. We blame the people who stole the money from the rest of us, and put it on the table for them. We don’t think respect for private property ends at a certain income level, or that only some people should be applauded for doing their best to get ahead in life. We believe in the power and righteousness of capitalism, the exchange of goods and services between free people acting in their own best interests. There is no moral substitute for it. Every other scheme for governing human affairs amounts to a few dominating some, to the applause of others. Our freedom is not for sale, and we reserve the right to defend it from theft.

We don’t invest our hopes in the government. It is beneath the dignity of free men and women to spend their days hoping a politician decides to provide for our needs. We face the future, not with passive and helpless “hope”, but with active and dynamic faith in ourselves, and our fellow Americans. We are opposed to a political class that tries to cultivate our hopes by showering us with fear. We don’t trust politicians with our fortunes, much less with our lives. In fact, we don’t trust politicians much at all… but we absolutely require them to trust us.

We do not regard America as the sole country on Earth that should be forbidden from taking pride in its history, traditions, and achievements. We reject the notion that celebrating our traditions is an automatic insult to anyone else. We owe absolutely no apologies to murderous dictators or unelected tyrants, and we care little for their feelings. We believe there are many lessons to be learned from our history, by all the people of the world, and we cannot teach those lessons if we allow ourselves to be shamed into silence. We will never hesitate to call evil by its proper name, or give evil men good reasons to fear us.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have a lot of work to do. There’s an election coming up next year.