GOP Job #1

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Dear GOP-

Your job is not to come in and try and take the lead in the tea party movement- you have one job-


One of the things you will hear is- grow a spine!  Fight for what is right!

Another thing you will hear is do not compromise our conservative principles! We do not want or need bi-partisanship as you try to claim, when principles are involved that are pitting liberty against tyranny!

Yet another issue for you to grasp- is that being labeled the ‘party of no’ is a good thing when the ‘party of overspend’ is in power!

Some other notes you may care to take; we like Sarah Palin much more than you,  so maybe you can take some notes on her values, and backbone, and then look in the mirror!

You will also hear us say “quit with the global warming crap”…if you haven’t figured it out by now, not only is it a big liberal scheme, the solutions for fixing the “non problem” make us more dependent than ever on our enemies to survive!

If you really pay a little closer attention you will have noticed that we have no qualms whatsoever calling a socialist by that name, and oh by the way Obama is a socialist, a Marxist, and exhibits a fondness for the communism revolution, not American freedom or capitalism. And what’s up with his snuggling up with all the other tyrants of the world?

Listen and you will hear us ask, where are the investigations of these “trusted public servants” caught red handed as tax cheats and liars and thieves?  Why is a second tier govt. set up out of sight in the Executive?

If you will listen you will see we do not want to be dictated to, we want you to go back to what your job description actually is, servant to the people!

The American people are rising up out of frustration for a reason- you do not listen, neither party listens, and we have had it! We are not going to let you ruin our beloved country! Too many have sacrificed their blood to preserve it!

We expect you to follow our Constitution at all times.

America is not a welfare experiment, quit treating us as if we need your guidance, listen when we tell you to leave us alone to manage our own affairs.

The more you try and fix everything the more it needs repair from your remedies!

Repeal the failures, the unconstitutional big government anchors dragging down our ship!

When you realize what you do is more important than finding money for an election you may regain our respect.

If we say not to do that,  and you continuously tell us you will do it anyways, as has been the case, we will expose you, and the money will not help you to keep your job.

If you voted for cap and tax, or the health reform socialism, or for Sonia Sotomayer you not only do not hear us, but show contempt for America as she was meant to be. We will not forget.

We do not know the grand world scheme that is up your sleeves, but if you are part of it- cease and desist, because we want no part of UN run central power world governance over us!

Restore America, follow the Constitution. Laws are to protect our freedoms, not to deny them.

Do you get it? Listen!

America is screaming at you, listen!

Once you hear us, maybe then you will once again fight for what is right.


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  1. They will definitely hear us in the ballot boxes VOTE EVERYONE OF THEM OUT. I don’t care which party I think there are traitors on both sides. We will as patriotic Americans clean congress. then its on the peoples house. I saw a great sign in DC on 9/12 GO GREEN CLEAN OUT CONGRESS. We can do this.

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