“Meet the Candidates” vetting meeting inspiring, informative, well run

Something is happening in the so called liberal state of Washington.  Conservatives are making their voices heard and if the meeting I attended today is any indication Patty Murray may soon be without a job.  The people in attendance were unanimous in their opinion that this needs to be the case.

Kudos go out to organizer Dan Michael of the Puget Sound Conservative Underground for setting up the event which ran like clockwork except for a minor microphone glitch at the start.  I was glad to finally meet him in person.

A short pre-meeting time period allowed the people to mingle and briefly talk to the candidates where at one point I was handed a real Superbowl ring and looking at another on candidate Didier’s pass catching hands earned during his NFL days as a Washington Redskins tight end.  During this period I heard encouraging comments about all these candidates themselves being committed to help the eventual winner in this group to oppose the sitting Senator Murray.

I also talked with Steve Beren who has been my friend and is quite an influence and workhorse for our cause in the Seattle area.

I also had the chance to talk with the man who had been selected to read the questions for the candidates by the name of John Cartmell who is a determined and passionate writer to Congress, the RNC, and anyone else he sees needs some guidance in the way they are conducting business for the American people.

A moment of silence for the people of Haiti who suffered devastation from an earthquake days ago opened up the meeting, which impressively started one minute ahead of schedule in the packed yet comfortable room at the Redmond Regional Library, which is a very nice library.

Dan had an opening statement to explain the meeting format,  cracked a couple of good jokes, and proceeded to introduce the field of conservative candidates.  All five candidates were well represented though due to previous commitment one candidate (Salazar) was represented very ably by his campaign manager Debra Churchill.

Each candidate had 6 minutes for an opening statement and the time monitor Jay (whom I met after the meeting and thought I both looked and sounded like the actor Sam Elliot) seamlessly kept the program on track.

Jay founded the Washington Patriot Hub

Early on an eye opening moment came when the audience composed of conservatives motivated by recent events in our country were asked to indicate by show of hands how many had only recently become active and involved in politics.  Impressively almost everyone raised their hand.

The questions to be asked were selected from a list of question sent in by the members of PSCU in addition to some other conservative organization in the area.

Each answered the same question and each was a hard act to follow so impressive were many of their answers. The questions asked were many I myself had and they covered the gambit of most of the pressing issues such as health care reform, accessibility to the people, integrity and character of the candidates, their understanding and dedication to limited Constitutional federal government, states rights and duties, illegal immigration and border security, troop commitments and artificial time-lines,  family and traditional values, our commitment to our posterity, social issues, and the absolute biggie- the unconstrained and irresponsible taxing, borrowing, and spending ruining this country by the elitists unrepresentative governance we now have.

The candidates all confirmed that no matter which of them emerged as the winner among them that they would fully get behind and support that person to defeat the “tennis shoe’s one” Patty Murray aka the most liberal senator in congress.  At one point one speaker offered to give her an application to the socialist party once she had lost the people senate seat in November!

My own perception is that all of these Senate candidates are levels above Patty Murray, solid conservatives with the right integrity and characteristics that conservatives and independents will want from their representation. They have real accomplishments gained through their own hard work ethics and life experiences.

They all know that health care reform as being pushed by this Obama administration would be an unmitigated disaster and all vowed to fight for repeal and through the judiciary if it is passed with all its unconstitutional mandates!

The questions were not softballs, and the answers seemed to be very free from any evasiveness.  I liked all of them.

Most got their platform points into their answers as well.  It is going to be a tough choice but as a tea party movement person I see enough from all of them to make it through the early vetting process.

Dan was well organized with this as well .  Everyone was supplied with a checklist to continue the process of vetting and meeting to discuss what they have learned.  All of these candidates were smart enough to participate and not listen to the pundits who still push their party over principles!

So to meet these fine candidates – please go to their websites and study their positions and get to know them-

Chris Widener

Clint Didier

Art Coday, Jr.

Sean Salazar

Craig Williams

I also had a chance to meet the candidate running against another very liberal (socialist) congressman in my district- Jay Inslee.  James Watkins wife, Ashley, was there to hand out his info and his website is www.WatkinsForCongress.com

Dan closed the meeting by stepping into the mold of  “The Great One” aka Mark Levin and read from his quote on the critical nature of 2010 elections….for a moment I thought I was in the presence of “The Great One” himself…okay, not really, but when it comes to this particular meeting Dan put on a great one!


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  1. Please don’t get conned by “ear tickling” this year.

    The Republican Politicians in 1994 sounded pretty good then too. And they made a bunch of promises.

    But as campaign promises go, after the victory parties were over and the rhetoric died down, well you should know the story, we just replaced progressive Democrats with progressive Republicans.

    Republicans can talk a good game but they are insincere in their talk. That is what we found out in 1995. That is what we will find out in 2011 if we aren’t more careful this year than were were back then.

  2. We need to tell the Republicans fool us once shame on you but fool us twice shame on us. Those involved in grassroots politics were fooled in 1994. If Republicans were lying to us back then, why is it not within the scope of possibilities that they might be lying to us now.

    What I want to ask the GOP is why should we believe you THIS TIME? What makes THIS TIME so different than LAST TIME?

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