Hmmmm……Let’s see, Liberty or Tyranny?

It is clear that the ruling elite thought the American people would choose a “nanny state”

and continue to exploit the taxpayers money to fund more and bigger government.

Health care reform was the biggie that they had hoped to sail through the Congress quickly by staging “Astro-turfed” protests (bussed in) to give the (false) impression that this was what Americans wanted, and that we wanted it now!

Something big happened however, something none of the pundits predicted!  Americans rose up together and said;


Yet still not enough people realize the real peril we all are in, and how close we are to losing our liberty.

HANDS OFF LIBERTY.COM was launched to help change the perception that these “ruling elite” should ever be in charge of our personal lives.  The Deck of Royal Fools™ playing cards is their first product.

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