How and Why America’s Productive Will Win

We are under assault by a naturally occurring problem that our Fore Fathers worried about and some unnatural problems by those with an ideology that wishes to permanently destroy what we have in order to rebuild a substitute in its place using human envy to accomplish this.

Our country is founded on liberty and justice.

The Fore Fathers worried about the tendency of a self perpetuating tendency for government institutions to grow and reinforce that growth at the expense of a correlating demise of liberty.

We can see now that their concerns were more than justified.

The pursuit of equality in the name of justice is the lever that has allowed our politicians and judges to pry and wedge away our individual rights and assign meaning or importance to them as only valid if they are collective rights.

In this manner a government has justified the pillage of the individual and use of force to do what it wishes to do in spite of what the consequences to individual rights have been.

We also have those that have always wished to form a society that absolutely rejects any individual freedom and only assigns collective rights based upon what they say they should be.  Those are the unnatural forces that are actively attacking this country now as we speak and currently hold the reins of power.

Their system uses the facade of equality also.  That system depends on controlling all aspects of our society and it depends on the productive to toil for the unproductive.
“To each according to their need, from each according to their ability.”

So how do we “Go Gault” with no secret valley to retreat to?

In a way without realizing it we are already doing so.

The tea party movement sprang up seemingly out of nowhere.  People started to realize that their hard work is not paying off and that our government is going to continue to be irresponsible, redistribute our hard earned property to others and that there is no end in sight.

So how have we gone Gault?

People have taken the time to put their time and money where their heart is and just as importantly decided to use their productivity in a way that the government has not figured out how to steal.
Instead of working overtime to line the feds pockets and take home our meager leftovers after they grab our labor to give to others, we have put our extra time and productivity into working to restore our liberty. We have collectively put in hundreds of millions of hours to do this and we are just getting started.

There are many that have stood on the sidelines and taken a “wait and see” attitude about this movement, and what it means, and if there is any chance for it to be effective.  Guess what- those people are joining us now.

All the major personalities and the most respectable conservative organizations that we normally listen to give us the alternative to the lying media are all getting involved themselves and the politicians too see that this movement cannot be ignored in any way, shape, form, or manner.

What we have is a movement of the productive people in this country that are fed up by being ripped off by the unproductive and being directed by some self-important elites that “know better” than everyone else what is right for us in our lives.

Our productivity has been used against us to supply their power.

When we use our productivity to restore our own power these elitist’s will not stand a chance.

This voluntary productivity cannot be stolen by the government, and it is generated by the individual as a free choice.  We have barely tapped into this resource as of yet.

Once people ask themselves the question of what they personally are prepared to do, what preoccupation is more important to them than their own liberty… watch out!

Don’t get in our way!

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