Fighting for Washington, but which one?

New ads are appearing for Congressman Jay Inslee
They state “Support Jay Inslee, A fighter for WA”

Jay Inslee has been in congress fighting for “Washington” for a very long time.

He tells us of his accomplishments often, yet our area’s problems do not improve.

Our deficits are exploding, our jobs are disappearing, our taxes are going through the roof, our highways remain jammed, crime is on the rise, our kids education scores are pitiful, and on and on…

Here are some of his fighting skills:

Jay Inslee fights to ensure that his special interests are well taken care of.

He also fights to raise taxes at every opportunity.

Jay fights for excessive regulations on businesses often.

Jay Inslee fights for what Nancy Pelosi wants consistently.

Jay fights to be a Washington insider.

Mr. Inslee fights for collectivist causes.

Jay fights to avoid direct confrontation or accountability with the voters at Town Halls.

Jay fights communication with his constitutes with form letters, and screened “call ins.”

Inslee has led the fight to globalize the fraudulent green scam of control known as the Apollo Alliance.

Jay Inslee fights to ensure ACORNS viability.

He fights for the governments intervention in mortgage and other financial sectors that cause unnatural and collapsing economic bubbles.

Jay fights for government bailouts of every kind!

Jay fights to remain a career politician that represents Washington first, it’s just the wrong one.

Mr. Inslee fights for big government and against traditional American’s love of our individual liberty.

In fact Jay Inslee just marked his dubious place in history permanently as a traitorous member of the notorious 219 whom advocated and voted for the heavily unconstitutional mandates for seizing power from the people and giving it to bureaucrats in Washington over our most personal choices in life!

Most of all, Jay Inslee fights to remain in a job that would be much better filled by a representative of the people in his district in Washington State.

So yes, he is a “fighter for Washington”, he loves it there!

Mom’s and dad’s in Washington deserve a fighter that fights for us and our children, not to make us all government dependent children.

When it comes to “we the people”, Jay has proven he is an adept “knock out” artist.

Time for us to retire his gloves.

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