The Pelosi Index: Listing those standing against liberty

Who is among the worst of the worst?

Jay Inslee!!

via website The National Republican Trust PAC

Democrats with a score over 70%
Blue Dog Democrats with a score over 70%
Democrats in Districts won by McCain with a score over 70%
Republicans with a 0% score having never sided with Pelosi

Have straw-men, will travel

That is how I imagine the title on a Barack Obama cover-sheet for his resume.

Hope was coming, change was needed, and neither the status quo nor the special interests would escape. Can we do all that…Yes we can!

So went the rhetoric of the new dynamic young leader vying for the presidency of the United States.

Of course the speech lasted much longer and the substance was pretty much left up to the audience to fill in… as they imagined it.

That was then, and that is now, still.

The dream weaver is president now, and has been 16 months. The rhetoric is still the same.

We see that there has indeed been change, and bigger government involvement in our lives has comprised almost all of it.

The hope part has worn thin too, for all but the most die hard ideologues as the same old empty promise rhetoric of so many politicians before him.

The bad guys are still referred to as the special interests, corporate special interests, CEO’s and special interests, and those wanting the status quo and the special interests.

There is of course the banking special interest, the financial sector special interests, the insurance industry special interests, and the right wing special interests too. Let’s not forget those fringe tea partiers who of course are really just front groups for the special interests!

These straw-men are the traveling bad guys that the avenging hero must dispense of in every imagined, or even actual crisis, to save the day, to save you. He tells us we should thank him.

Read almost any request for campaign donations for a Democrat candidate and you will find Mr. Special Interest listed as the bad guy they are fighting, and why they need your loot to defeat him.

Having any special interests must be a very bad thing. This charge might be especially hard to make stick to others if your own list of special interests was very long itself. One might even not want to disclose this inconvenient fact less ones own credibility be attacked. Of course having the media covering the dreams verses the realities helps.

But even with the White House doing everything in their power not to be transparent in their dealings with special interests, it isn’t hard to see where the taxpayers money has been going nor who is behind getting it to them.

The visitors log at the White House is a chronology of special interests visiting for the purpose of special favors. These people are not turned away as unwelcome guests, they are invited to come get in line. They all have an interest in getting what they want. The president acts to give them what they want and they in turn act to give him what he wants.

Next time you hear the president or one of his cronies crowing about special interests, don’t worry about undefined straw-men, think about that White House visitors log and how nice it might look in some sunshine!

One more thing, when that next request for money or support for a Democrats position comes in your in-box look for that “special interest bad guy dude”, he is sure to be mentioned in one way or another!