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We the People are…
Righting Our Consent
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Inaugural Issue
September 10, 2010

Let’s put ‘We the People’ back in charge!

Outright lies. Downright corruption. Something isn’t right with our country these days.  We the people see it often now.  What is going on?  We don’t wish for foolish spending, higher taxes and ridiculous regulations that restrict us more everyday.
We want legislation we can read, and we want bills that are read, and debated in the open, but that’s not what we’re getting. Something isn’t right…

ROC Article- by PSCU’s Dan Michael

Coming Up From Underground
By Dan Michael

Before 2008, the only involvement I had in politics was voting every four years in the Presidential election. I had never supported a political candidate by donating money or putting up a yard sign.  I couldn’t name the three State legislators from my Seattle suburb, let alone explain the Bill of Rights without crib notes. But in 2008, I started sensing that too many citizens and too many mainstream media outlets were drinking kool-aid while our country was in serious trouble financially and morally. The majority of the country, and the vast majority of those in my Puget Sound community, were not only idolizing a liberal Senator with limited experience, but were about to elect him to the highest office in the world.  It was during the 2008 election that I awakened.

But the problem was, even though I was awake, I didn’t feel I had anyone to talk to who shared my conservative beliefs. In November of 2008, in the progressive greater-Seattle area, I was surrounded by Obama ’08 stickers on the bumpers of about every third car that passed me on the roads. Believe it or not, the gym I worked out at purposely blocked Fox News and only showed CNN and MSNBC on its TV sets in the cardio-workout section. The people I worked with talked about the history-making moment of electing an African-American, but if they were asked who Reverend Wright or Bill Ayers were, they had no idea.  So even though I had awakened, I felt like I was still in a nightmare. I needed to find anyone that might be conservative like me. But where to go?  The internet, of course! Thus, the Puget Sound Conservative Underground was born.

The Puget Sound Conservative Underground (PSCU) began as a social group on at the start of 2009 and the inauguration of President Obama. Within a few months, our membership grew as more people joined up and wanted to share online in message boards their conservative stances on politics. Realizing that in-person discussions would be more fulfilling than virtual ones, I started hosting “Coffee with Conservatives” meetups, where a dozen or so Seattleites would come up from underground for two hours on a Saturday to secretly gather in a library meeting room or coffee shop and talk about current events and politics freely, without the usual fear that our conservative beliefs would be attacked by the typical, progressives that make up most of the community.

When I think back, my only purpose for the PSCU started out as a selfish one – find others who felt like I did politically, so I could have someone to talk to instead of only screaming at the TV news alone in my living room. Then as membership kept growing online to where I had a couple of hundred fellow-conservatives saying they too felt like they had to be “underground” in liberal Puget Sound, I decided to expand beyond being merely a group for meetups. Beyond our coffee gatherings, I started promoting to fellow PSCU members the other conservative happenings in the area, such as tea party protests. I held book club meetings and movie nights. I also tried to motivate fellow-conservatives to write our politicians, albeit Democrats, and get them to see we did not want runaway spending, bailouts, and government-controlled healthcare.

Before I knew it, we had over 500 members on our site, and I added a site too, which eventually grew to over 800 members. At this same time that the Puget Sound Conservative Underground expanded, my frustration with politicians grew at an even faster pace. The Democrats in D.C. and Olympia weren’t listening to us. “Plan A” – getting our representatives to listen to the people – wasn’t working, and politicians were passing stimulus and healthcare bills against the will of the people. So I decided the PSCU needed to go to “Plan B.”

Plan B began on the first year anniversary (January, 2010) of the PSCU, with the hosting of a U.S. Senate Candidates’ Forum. Plan B was simple – have conservatives help elect a batch of new politicians who shared our values and would replace those in office who didn’t agree with us and weren’t listening to us.  Continuing after the Senate Forum, the PSCU hosted events for other Republicans running for office, in both federal and state races, so members could get to know these candidates, vet them, and find the most conservative candidates who, in our blue state, would also be the most electable. I started online polls and members shared their feelings of candidates on our website’s discussion boards, as we educated each other. I also highly promoted the importance that we must donate to these candidates’ campaigns and volunteer on their campaign teams. All of this being spearheaded by me, a political novice who only discovered Sean Hannity and Mark Levin 18 months earlier.

Will the work of the Puget Sound Conservative Underground have a lasting, positive effect besides just providing a safe outlet for conservative conversation? We’ll see on November 2. Meanwhile, members have thanked me for running this group and providing both a virtual and in-person instrument for conservatives in the liberal Puget Sound to vent and get educated. But to be honest, I need to thank my fellow members. Because by them coming up from underground and responding to a “join me” message on Meetup and Facebook, I have kept my sanity, lessened my yelling at the TV news, and learned a lot about politics and conservatism. It has been fantastic to be in contact with others who think like me. And you know what’s interesting? As more Seattleites have awakened with me, I have been seeing less Obama bumper stickers on the roads around town. Perhaps the Puget Sound Conservative Underground can get rid of the last word in our group’s title in 2011, and simply be known as the Puget Sound Conservatives.

Dan Michael lives in the Seattle suburb of Woodinville and is the organizer of the Puget Sound Conservative Underground on Meetup
pugetsoundconservativeunderground/ and Facebook

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