Is AP Trying to Influence RNC Division?

Via Barrington Tea Party, Illinois

Should Michael Steele remain the RNC Chairman?

Here’s an interesting recent blog post about RNC Chairman Michael Steele, and his ties to Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady.

The news media (not exactly the most reliable source of information for conservative Republicans) has also been pushing a new narrative recently about Michael Steele, as shown by this article.

Various Tea Party groups have also been bashing Michael Steele recently.  A few individuals have suggested that Sarah Palin might be good in this role, if she chooses not to run for President, but that may not be her best move.  She has more freedom to endorse and support candidates by not taking any party leadership role, and by not helping to fund those who remain part of the problem.



The posturing and positioning for 2012 is well underway, and we can count on the information distributors to try and shape the battlefield to their advantage.


Conservative ROC Newsletter Teams With TradAm

The newsletter is teamed up with The Traditional American Movement (TradAm) Forum where there is a core group of strong conservatives. This site has all the tools we need to inform and inspire others.

You owe yourself the time to check it out.

From TradAm TV to the Common Ground Project and all the discussions in between you will find that this is a place where Traditional Americans are fighting for our values and principles and to preserve the American way of life!  Your conservative group or blogs links and banners are allowed on the site also.

The Traditional American Movement

We the People have been provoked into action lately.

We are not going to simply stand by silently and watch a few power hungry elitists change what America stands for and usurp our authority for self rule.

So we have witnessed incredible organization and educational activities by many different traditional American groups arising against the absurd idea that we ever relinquished self government and ceded power to a big government, big brother authoritarian rule.

Friends at the Traditional American Movement website have created a great meeting place for these different groups to further communication in the fight to restore confidence in a government that actually represents us again.

Conservative Discussions on Topics That Matter

The Righting Our Consent Newsletter ran this yesterday-

Big news for great friends this week!

Our like-minded friends at The Traditional American Movement worked their tails off to get the main website open for the public on Veterans Day, and are pleased to announce the site is now online and open for conservatives like you to become involved.

Additionally, we at ROC are pleased to announce that by mutual agreement with Traditional Americans we will be using their forum as our forum, to facilitate communications between our readers so you may comment on what you read here and more importantly interface with other like-minded conservatives.

ROC will also be dedicating a portion of our newsletter to the activities and announcements pertaining to The Traditional American Movement website. We will cover the news you want; from interesting blog or forum posts, to important announcements regarding activities.