WA 4 WI Rally


“WA 4 WI – Justice for Taxpayers” Rally
Saturday, February 26 at 11:00 am!
*The Time Has Come For Taxpayers to Stand Up for Justice!*


Tomorrow, Olympia will be ground zero in the battle to restore our founding principles and fiscal accountability!

The forces of Big Labor, Big Government and MoveOn.org will be marching into Olympia because they know that their power is threatened by those of us who believe in economic freedom and limited government.

Those who have enriched themselves on the backs of taxpayers think that they will be able to flex their muscle and keep the gravy train of our tax dollars flowing into their coffers.

But you and I will be there to stop them!


Tomorrow’s rally will begin at 11 AM sharp! All activists are urged to arrive early as the Unions are holding their Worker Solidarity Rally at Noon just around the corner! We will be at the Capitol Steps on the north side.

Washington shares the same public sector union problem as Wisconsin.  We agree with the stand that Gov. Scott Walker is taking and want to see similar reforms take place here in Washington.  Our budget is comparable –state pensions and union collective bargaining has got a stranglehold on our taxpayers.

Ending union monopolies is a conversation that we should be having here in our state and there are other proposals that would shift the balance of power back where it belongs –in taxpayers’ hands.

This rally is not an attack on the individual public employees who are our friends, neighbors, and fellow taxpayers.  It is about the unhealthy relationship between union leaders and state lawmakers that is forcing our state into bankruptcy!

All activists are encouraged to bring signs.

Spread the Word!
Pass along this info via your email network.
Call your friends, family and co-workers.
Tweet about the rally (use the hashtag #WA4WI).
Post updates to your Facebook account.
Organize Carpools.

Be sure to bring your cameras and cell phones. The media will be heavily focused on this event. Posting pictures and video through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube will be critical in getting our message out and winning this battle.

What: “WA 4 WI – Justice for Taxpayers” Rally
When: Saturday, Feb 26 at 11:00AM
Where: Capitol, North Steps in Olympia

Yours in freedom,

Nansen Malin
Washington State Director
Americans for Prosperity

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  1. I talked with several on the other side of the issue at the rally, and they seem wrapped up in the fake call by the the Daily Beast guy pretending to be Mr. Koch. They thought Gov. Walker advocated violence in the phone call. I have since listened to the entire phone call, as posted by the Daily Beast, and Gov. Walker does NOT advocate violence, that was done by the fake caller. As Glenn Beck says, do your own research. And then you can correct these folks. Some of the union folk are on the wrong side, but are well meaning.

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