How to Spell Irresponsible…

Sure is a lot of undeserved back-slapping going on in Washington DC (Elitist Central Control) over having reached a budget compromise.

It is clear that many who hold the reins of power do not like the message they received in November, and have now elected to pretend that us Americans concerned for the unsustainable amount of increasing debt & spending should be the ones who need to get a grip.

Sometimes pictures say it best. Our friend AF Branco captures what just transpired beautifully!

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  1. I asked this on another post but didn’t get a good answer.

    Is it possible to join the Eastside Tea Party? If so, how do we join? Or is it not accepting members at this time?

    Someone said there are links on the side, but that was a wild goose chase — there is general link to the Wa Stae Tea Party page that links back to this one, but nothing with info on how to participate in the Eastsie/Bellevue Tea Party.

    If the Eastside org is just a blog and not real, then we will probably have to join the Sammamish, Issaquah one.

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