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Click image to see more teaparty photos

Click image to see more teaparty photos

Wrong Way Government Removes Our Consent

It used to be when neighbors were building their communities, they got together to decide what they needed and then decided how they would accomplish their objective. Often they all chipped in labor and materials and when it was finished nothing was owed. These days a council sits around and decides what they want and build or implement it whether or not it is affordable or really needed for our community. Often the “plan” is encumbered with strings attached for funding from higher bureaucracies too that we become liable for. They may even get some input about their idea from the community along the way. Often these attached strings change our communities in drastic ways we did not bargain for. Is this an exaggeration? In some cases probably, but yes it’s true in general. Our government is functioning backwards, at all levels, more often than not.


The Teaparty Movement is a grass roots, mostly leaderless,  and spontaneous reaction to an unresponsive, overreaching, ‘porkulus’ spending BIG government.

Simply put,  people are fed up with elected officials saying one thing,  yet doing another, so we are organizing to change that.

We see our children’s money being pre-spent, our economic engine of free enterprise under attack, government manipulating and taking over our lives, and strangling the private sector with regulation and taxation. We did not give them permission for what they are doing!

We see our liberties being jeopardized with the biggest big government policies of central control, out of control spending,  smothering and dictating to us rather than listening to us or working  for us.  We are being dragged, down The Road to Serfdom

We believe politicians of both parties have forgotten that they have sworn to uphold, preserve and protect our Constitution, and not to stretch its meaning to steal our God given rights.

We believe ourselves, our families, our neighborhoods, and communities know far better what we need, and how to live, than any far away government official does.

This blog is about the minority of the individual,  standing up, and regaining his voice.

We cannot allow ourselves to be excluded from the affairs of our government.  We are not puppets to be controlled from afar!

We believe that all political power is local,   and we can share ideas,  organize,  identify leaders, and retake our power back from those whom have proven they  abuse power, and can not be trusted to represent us any longer!

We believe in America!

We have much to inspire us- and our traditions are not “outmoded ideas”,  they are refined celebrations of success,  lessons learned through struggle and the human desire to undertake endeavors to discover, explore,  and create.

What is Our mission tab ?

Use the More Info tab to find links to our government (at all levels) and  our local groups, and resources.

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EastsideTeaParty Blog

From Michelle Malkin website-photo by Zac Peterson

From Michelle Malkin website-photo by Zac Peterson


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