“Positive” Government Rights De-constituting America

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Thanks to decades of progressive education, media propaganda, and politicians from both parties that have ignored their oaths to uphold our US Constitution, we may now say we are nearly de-constituted as a country that once was based on individual freedom and our property rights, in a society which both revered and observed the rule of law.

Preamble of the De-constituted
We the Central Authority of the Subservient States, in Order to form Enduring Powers, establish arbitrary Justice, insure domestic Obedience, provide for the Social Compact, promote the Standardized Consensus Agenda, and to secure and redistribute the Property of the Demos, do command, and so order, this Manifesto as Supreme authority over the subjects of the Socialist States of America from this time forward.

Far fetched? Which part is not already true?

Our federal government, populated and dominated by socialist ideologies, is dictating what the states may or may not do, as well as us citizens, as if we were subjects commanded to obey, instead of the source of our elected representatives authority. This dictating attitude of office holders is heard in their words, and seen through their actions.

The Rule of Law, along with the elements that are required for true justice, have been usurped by the rule of men. The laws have grown so numerous, and so complex as to not be known even generally, much less in any specifics by most of the people. Increasingly we see these laws are applied unequally, to politically favored groups for either exemption or benefit, and to dis-favored groups as punishments and inhibitors of freedom. Not only is the individual left largely unprotected now in favor of the arbitrary “greater good” of society, new laws are damning to the individual… and his rights. Success of the productive is often met by confiscation, overbearing regulation, and even more laws of men which are meant mainly to siphon off a maximum value for the longest time possible, and redistribute those proceeds to ensure political power for themselves. Judicial review is no longer conducted by impartial or independent judges.

Irresponsible social promises have been made now for generations, by those willing to promise anything, without being held responsible for their false advertising, which in turn has made the notion of a ‘social compact’ between the government and the people seem almost natural for people to expect, and many feel this promised arrangement is somehow superior to the idea of true self sufficiency and the liberty to pursue ones own happiness. Evidently these people have never thought it through far enough to realize that one cannot both retain responsibility for determining one’s own path, and simultaneously enjoy no responsibilities for their own welfare.

If we are to retain our ability to demand our consent for a system of self-government, as a representative Republic, we must elect those that understand the elements of good law to be our lawmakers. Otherwise we end up with the rule of men, uncertainty, decline, and worst of all, the end of our liberty.

Our Founders understood what the Rule of Law consists of. Our elected officials need to remember these elements too. The rule of law must be known (knowable) in general to all, have a certainty (a law we count on to last without changing, and have a sound legal framework. It must be applied with equality, with an absence of any government discretionary power which always threatens the Rule of Law. It must have impartial independent judicial review. It must acknowledge its authority is only derived by protecting our individual rights.

The recent Obamacare law is a prime example of what happens when the Rule of Law has been eviscerated and usurped by the arbitrary rule of men. It is an unprecedented massive, unknowable law that was both rushed and rammed through Congress by a majority against the will of the people, which tramples on individual rights, is already undergoing numerous changes, will generate volumes of new rules, is creating uncertainty, is full of both discretionary powers by government and exemptions for government and others of favored status, and much of it is not subjected to any independent judicial review or even congressional review. Life itself will be put at risk by its provisions, which do include a “death panel” based on costs of services.

So we can see that the fictitious Preamble of the De-constituted above is not far fetched at all. This is however how those in power now exercise their duties. This is the power and purpose they are actively seeking by any means possible, and they likely hope to pronounce a similar manifesto of control when they know that they have crushed any resistance to them. They have massively abused their power to the point of controlling us, by ignoring good law, constitutional constraints to limit power, the sovereignty of the individual, and substituting arbitrary rules of their own making. All the positive good born of freedom which our fellow citizens, current and past, have built upon to grow this society into the greatest country, is now in jeopardy of being lost forever unless we end this rogue regime of post constitutionalists and any like it.

It is not too late though, unless of course, We the People ignore what Edmond Burke stated;

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men (and women) do nothing”

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


Hooray! A Happy Health Care Highway!

Everyone should just be jumping for joy!  Health care is now a right in America!

How this will work is easily illustrated.

See your health care is like your vehicle. You are a thing just like your vehicle too!

Your vehicle was in pretty bad shape according to just about everyone, though it is curious how it still seemed to be working okay for you up until now.

The great news is- do we ever have a deal for you!

We are going to repair your vehicle for free!

Here is how the deal works, we will fix your vehicle and everyone else’s vehicle too!

Though it is free we will start taking payments from you over the next four years to pay for the repairs.

By then we will have enough money to start everyone’s repairs all at once!

So you just pay for four years first- then we start!  After that we give you back your vehicle to use the way we let you.

The paycheck deductions will continue of course, but only for the remainder of your life… for you.

There will be a couple of new rules in exchange for us fixing your vehicle (for free) of course.

First of all; you and nearly everyone else, will get to go anywhere you want on the new highway we reserved just for you… and everyone else.  There are only entry ramps on this highway- and no exit ramps at all! So don’t worry about getting lost you will be on the same highway as nearly everyone else.

Of course myself, and a few of my friends have to use our own roads that barely have anyone on them, and never get near your new highway.  We actually have on ramps and exits in case we need them, but I digress.

Anyways, your new vehicle will be working just fine and it will take you to the places we want you to go!

It’s free by the way, except for the fees and other deductions of course.

Now should your vehicle start to cause any unforeseen problems we will ask you to park your vehicle where we tell you, for as long as we need to have your vehicle parked! All you will have to do is just wait-it’s  so easy!

Sadly, we know that at some point your(and you) vehicle will have outlived its useful life.  This might clog up your new highway for others on it and we will probably ask you to retire that vehicle from further use if we see signs this may be happening.  People will help you make the choice we already decided for you at that point.

Some newer vehicles might overload the highway too and since traffic will only move at an imperceptible crawl to begin with, we won’t need too many new vehicles crawling in to the traffic.  If we can encourage people not to keep them in the first place that would be great- and we will even pay to ensure they are destroyed before they become a “burden.”

We are doing all of this for you, because it is long overdue, you deserve it and this highway should have been a right long ago, and we care about you!

Oh by the way all previous roads will be destroyed, and you will have no other choices but your new health care highway, if you do not like it- oh well- we made it the new law!

Happy Motoring!

Congress and the President of the United States

How and Why America’s Productive Will Win

We are under assault by a naturally occurring problem that our Fore Fathers worried about and some unnatural problems by those with an ideology that wishes to permanently destroy what we have in order to rebuild a substitute in its place using human envy to accomplish this.

Our country is founded on liberty and justice.

The Fore Fathers worried about the tendency of a self perpetuating tendency for government institutions to grow and reinforce that growth at the expense of a correlating demise of liberty.

We can see now that their concerns were more than justified.

The pursuit of equality in the name of justice is the lever that has allowed our politicians and judges to pry and wedge away our individual rights and assign meaning or importance to them as only valid if they are collective rights.

In this manner a government has justified the pillage of the individual and use of force to do what it wishes to do in spite of what the consequences to individual rights have been.

We also have those that have always wished to form a society that absolutely rejects any individual freedom and only assigns collective rights based upon what they say they should be.  Those are the unnatural forces that are actively attacking this country now as we speak and currently hold the reins of power.

Their system uses the facade of equality also.  That system depends on controlling all aspects of our society and it depends on the productive to toil for the unproductive.
“To each according to their need, from each according to their ability.”

So how do we “Go Gault” with no secret valley to retreat to?

In a way without realizing it we are already doing so.

The tea party movement sprang up seemingly out of nowhere.  People started to realize that their hard work is not paying off and that our government is going to continue to be irresponsible, redistribute our hard earned property to others and that there is no end in sight.

So how have we gone Gault?

People have taken the time to put their time and money where their heart is and just as importantly decided to use their productivity in a way that the government has not figured out how to steal.
Instead of working overtime to line the feds pockets and take home our meager leftovers after they grab our labor to give to others, we have put our extra time and productivity into working to restore our liberty. We have collectively put in hundreds of millions of hours to do this and we are just getting started.

There are many that have stood on the sidelines and taken a “wait and see” attitude about this movement, and what it means, and if there is any chance for it to be effective.  Guess what- those people are joining us now.

All the major personalities and the most respectable conservative organizations that we normally listen to give us the alternative to the lying media are all getting involved themselves and the politicians too see that this movement cannot be ignored in any way, shape, form, or manner.

What we have is a movement of the productive people in this country that are fed up by being ripped off by the unproductive and being directed by some self-important elites that “know better” than everyone else what is right for us in our lives.

Our productivity has been used against us to supply their power.

When we use our productivity to restore our own power these elitist’s will not stand a chance.

This voluntary productivity cannot be stolen by the government, and it is generated by the individual as a free choice.  We have barely tapped into this resource as of yet.

Once people ask themselves the question of what they personally are prepared to do, what preoccupation is more important to them than their own liberty… watch out!

Don’t get in our way!

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Obama as “Leader of the Free World”

The Presidency of the United States had become analogous with the realistic title of the “Leader of the Free World”, that is until now.

With Obama it now reads “Leader of the Free World”,  evidently.

He has shown us this week just what lengths he will go to in avoiding promoting freedom anywhere, as the people of Iran bravely and defiantly attempt to stand up against tyranny, our leader defers,  not wanting to be seen as interfering.

Yet Obama is not doing anything new, he has not really spoken of freedom since he became the president.

I believe it is because he is an anti-freedom ideologue and proves it more every day he has had power.

While searching for speeches on freedom given by Obama, I stumbled upon this article by Christine Smith

Socialist Obama Speaks

From Christine’s list of recommended sites, I found the site Downsize DC which I really like-

This article about the proposed Health Care reforms was especially insightful as the author boils it down into a

simple set of questions we can ask!

Complexity, Simplified

So though the search for speeches given by Obama on freedom proved fruitless,never-the-less I was able to locate a couple of great sites and add them to the links available for you here at Eastsideteaparty!

“Change” by Our New Anti Freedom Government

Our president has demonstrated he is Anti-Freedom.

For the first time in my adult life I feel that we have been infiltrated by enemies of freedom.

I know other feel this too.  It is an almost surreal situation where the popular culture and media ignore the most obvious facts of the times.

Look at Iran today where millions look for any acknowledgment from a newly silent US Government that they are right to stand for freedom for themselves!  It is a travesty to whom we are as a people, and what we represent, to let these people be crushed by a brutal regime, and by the deathly refusal of this anti-freedom president to speak up!

I don’t know why Michelle Obama could not ever see any good about my country before, but since her husband was elected I can honestly say his policies have made me ashamed of who we are being now.

His buddies around the world are all  the worst enemies of freedom, and I have not heard him promote freedom at all in his travels.  I have only heard apologies for having played a role in the spread of democracy and his pledge to end such practices.

In fact everything is so anti-American and anti-freedom with this administration and his ideological and obedient cousins in Congress that one wonders if we are missing something?

You are not missing a thing, this is what it is, our “change” is a systematic dismantling of all things that makes America strong.

Our prestige, our economic might, our military might, our free society, our moral standing, and our liberty are all being dismantled deliberately.

When one believes as Barack Obama does- in an ideology that demands a completely level field and equality amongst all peoples, than what other choice would one choose if one were in the position to make those directional choices?

Some of the people we have known for a great deal of our lives are seemingly blissfully unaware that this is exactly the “change” Obama has brought.  They seem unconcerned and locked into the identity they long ago chose for themselves.

They see themselves as JFK Democrats, or sympathetic to the cause of the little guy or working class.

Little do they realize that JFK would fall into their class of “right wing extremist” as issued by the left as a dirisive term applying to any and all that oppose them.  Given JFKs positions on cutting taxes and strong defense he would probably be to the right of every Democrat in Congress today!

And Martin Luther King was a Republican people!  He believed in God too, by the way! Today he would be targeted for legal takedown by the anti-American ACLU!

Our problem of having the major news outlets editors presenting a distorted perspective to every single story is enabling this anti-freedom “change” Obama has brought.

The little guy and the underdog?  Ask yourself this, where did all our manufacturing capacity go and why is it gone?  The unions are now in the only industries left, (the service and construction sectors) having forced businesses to seek labor where it makes economic sense.

Meanwhile thousands of the “little guys” that trusted the unions no longer have any job much less a good paying job.

The Democrats pander to special interests groups of every ilk for one reason only to garner votes, yet they show their true colors by embracing tyrants where gays,women, and the working class are brutally repressed.

So it can be very discouraging to see friends falling for all the games being played by the liberals who’s only actual purpose is to secure permanent “ruling” powers for themselves, while acting as if they are the new gods and saviors of mankind.

Fortunately the patriotic “teaparty movement” came about and a second wave of powerful and now organized protests to the insanity of todays governments actions is underway.  Try as they might, the media that sold their integrity to retain access, will not be able to dismiss us as a passing fad.  we are here now,  and we are a force in place to take a stand for our principles once again!

Many people have expressed frustration, so deflating have been the unrelenting assaults on our principles cherished by our people, but now is not the time to be discouraged!

Read  Give Up? Are you Kidding?

Get yourself and family out to an Independence Day rally they will be going on across the nation and the numbers will exceed those we saw on April 15th , so it will be huge.

Encourage people to read the Constitution and understand the limits of power on government, and how the out of control spending and growth of big government, and the assault on liberty- must be stopped!

Trust Them: They Are Doing This For Your Own Good!

Actually it is for their own good and to our detriment.

The two plans the liberals want to permanently control you and I, and the rest of America, are Socialized Medicine and the Cap & Trade Energy Seizing  Mega Tax.

By controlling our energy they have the reins on all our economic endeavors, and by meddling in our health care they have direct control over our lives.

This is about becoming a dictating government- a tyranny, not a representative or freedom promoting one.

Reasons to Distrust Your Government

By Alan Caruba

Fight the Socialists Plan for Mega Taxes

Face it, the Democrats of today are now socialists!

The mega tax they are trying to enact in the name of the environment in the Cap and Trade scheme

will be devestating to America.

Scientists on both sides of the issue know that solar cycles warm the the Earth(and all the other planets in our system) and climate is a direct result of those cycles. They know man is of little if any consequence to the climate on Earth.

The whole plan is about controlling people, and it is largely a Democrat party scam!

The estimates of the effects on the American people by their regulations to control our behavior in the name of preserving our living environment are ugly!

For one it will devastate the economy as millions will not have money to buy food or power much less anything else!

It will cost lives , as people are forced to sacrifice safety for mobility in smaller unsafe vehicles.

It will result in the loss of millions more jobs.

It will cost an estimated $7 trillion loss  to our economy-

“Economic Unilateral Disarmament”

You can take action-

Dear Supporter of American Energy,

While the American economy continues to struggle, the Obama Administration is attempting to raise energy prices by forcing Americans to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. The only way to do this is by regulating and reducing the energy we get from natural gas, coal, and oil—the sources of 85 percent of our energy.

We must fight back. The Administration will only accept comments until June 23rd. Please join us and tell the Administration that we should be free to use the energy sources that work the best and cost the least.

If the Obama Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) moves forward with their plan, bureaucrats will regulate your lawnmower’s gas mileage, your car, the light bulbs in your house, the heating and cooling system in your children’s school, and even your electricity use. These are just a few of the likely outcomes if the Administration decides to regulate greenhouse gases using the Clean Air Act.

The Administration must hear your voice. Send a comment to EPA today.

AEA believes the Clean Air Act is not the appropriate tool to regulate greenhouse gases. If Congress wants to regulate greenhouse gases, it should explicitly authorize such regulations instead of allowing a bunch of unelected bureaucrats at EPA to do so.

EPA is currently soliciting public comments on their proposed plan to regulate greenhouse gases using the Clean Air Act. Let your voice be heard! Time is of the essence! We can only stop this harmful plan if you weigh in today.


Thomas Pyle
American Energy Alliance