The Accountability Shortage Eroding America

The Accountability Shortage Eroding America
ROC Commentary

None of us are saints, most of us could do better, and we are all accountable ultimately for what we say or do, whether others may know of that which we do, or not.

“He’s a man of his word” is a saying which indicates someone can be trusted as honest. “A man’s word is his bond” is another version meaning the same thing. Traditionally we used to know a lot more people who said what they meant, and meant what they said, and some of them where even in politics! Nowadays, we cannot even trust most of our American media to be accountable in providing us the unvarnished truth, especially if there could be political fallout to certain parties in reporting the facts.

Integrity and accountability go hand in hand.  “Keeping them honest” has always meant holding people to account for what they say, and do. People with true integrity seem to have developed the self-discipline to live honestly, whether or not others are watching, even when it is easy to act anonymously or when opportunity to surreptitiously abuse trust presents itself.  We used to think of this as maturing. Not so many years ago this described the majority of our American population.

Popular culture, technology, and the prevailing socializing discourse in our time, have created new circumstances and some hiding zones or enclaves that too many people are using to escape consequences for their actions or words. These areas cultivate unlimited excuses or justifications for unaccountable behavior. Our own government uses the unaccountability by some to impose ridiculous measures for forced accountability on all, while ironically fighting any efforts by the people to require accountability from them. Not only that, depending on the political outcome they desire, they blatantly oscillate between both encouraging irresponsible behavior, and/or punishing it. Using the catch-all excuse of “social justice,” our leaders are classifying us, dividing us, marginalizing our individual worth, and controlling us, all because they can depend on the breakdown of accountability they have engineered or some willingly seek.

Those of us concerned for our country see we have an increasing lack of accountability on display from those who should be held to the very highest standards of conduct.  We see that our media has been corrupted, and are no longer diligent in their roles as guards for the public assigned to watch for signs of the abuse of power.  We also see that too many of our fellow citizens have adopted a mob mentality, and seem to want to be free of any personal accountability. Whether or not we are doing it to ourselves, or having it done to us, our standards for personable accountability are being lowered.

America cannot afford to allow this to continue and still expect to remain free.

We need people of integrity, and people who stick by their principles in our leadership positions.

Everybody is not suited for leadership.  We see the consequences of allowing those without experience, ability, or integrity to make important decisions that affect far more people than themselves. There is a basic truth in the “Peter Principle,” where eventually a person will be promoted to a level of incompetence, but seems especially true with those who lack integrity, honesty, and personal accountability in their lives.

Our institutions built on principles, which formerly created better conditions for people to take their responsibilities to be “men (and women) of their word,” seriously, have been under attack for decades by those seeking more power for themselves and less influence or power from those entities.

Those foundational institutions that reinforce the values we seek from a responsible citizenry begin with the basic family structure, our schools, our churches and our community groups. One aspect that is common about these associations is that they are voluntary.  Another was that they were originally relatively free of government interference, especially from afar. We can no longer claim this trait, just look at our schools now. These traditional relationships were also largely local, and we knew the members, and knew who best to trust among them.

Even as little as a decade ago, it is highly unlikely that a man with the highly questionable and little known background such as Barack Obama had could have been elected as president. The lack of accountability for his past associations and the lack of relevant experience both would have made him unelectable. But that is immaterial now since he was elected.  What is important is that he has now shown that he is not “a man of his word.”  He lies frequently and seemingly very easily, he retreats from accountability or responsibility for his own actions, and blames others or makes excuses, and he has shown little in promoting America or our values. The problems America faces as a nation are worsening, not improving, under his leadership.

An institution which has remained an island for real accountability is our military. The discipline and integrity of the professional men and women in our military have not suffered the same social values slippage the rest of society has, though it seems to be a new target for change by the elitists lately. Our hopes for finding true leaders with demonstrated and known records for achievement and accountability is enhanced with groups like Combat Vets for Congress PAC. Their motto, “Embedded Integrity.” They endorse people like Rep. (Lt. Col.) Allen West.

The previously mentioned traditional community institutions (those whom have managed to resist the culture of corruption in our society) is another great place to look for our needed leaders, and we should encourage those we identify as principled and trustworthy to run for office at all levels.

Yet, it also seems we all might need to take a fresh look at our own personal actions or behaviors in life.  Are we ourselves contributing or participating in the erosion of our society?  Are we staying silent when we should speak up, or putting minimum effort into fighting for what we believe in? Are we making excuses too? If you believe for example that more people need to get involved in your group, do you have a goal to attract a certain number each week or month?  Is there a plan in place for achieving your goal?  Are you truly giving it your best effort?  Isn’t this part of being accountable also?

The lack of accountability is responsible for most of our issues faced by the country; from illegal immigration, to the mortgage market fiasco, to the fight over health care costs, and in just plain dishonest corruption by those holding office.  Our leaders, and we ourselves, better wake up soon and demand a renewed, higher standard of accountability!

Just in case this commentary does not convey the importance of accountability, please carve out a period of time to watch the wisdom found in the MRC-TV video (about an hour) A Call to Accountability.


Manufactured Healthcare Crisis

James Simpsons article hits the nail on the head.

Manufactured Healthcare Crisis

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Indoctrination and Global Warming in Marysville

Marysville is the in county to the north of us and usually votes more conservative.
This article seemed fairly innocuous at first until I opened and read the exchange of e-mails!

Every parent will want to read this e-mail exchange!

Not only do you see the liberal mindset in its full throes of irrational superiority you see people armed to the teeth with knowledge setting the record straight!

I love the way the last letter by Joanne Nova ends!

Walpin-gate opens wider – Washington Times

Can we call this a cover-up now?  It is now reported the FBI is on the case at St. Hope!

Americorp?  St Hope?

How many more of these federally infused grant programs are fraudulent in their use of our taxpayers money?

Is this  the Chicago way of political graft?

The “audacity of hope” is turning out to be that one hoped he could continue the Chicago style politics as SOP, without everyone in the entire world noticing what he was doing!  Illegally firing Walpin was ill advised, to say the least.

I keep imagining the feeding frenzy of the blood smelling leftist media that would be occurring over this if President Bush had done this!

The “audacity of hope” is also ignoring and advocating ones responsibility as the “Leader of the Free World” while the largest upheaval against tyranny, and for freedom,  plays out in a crucial region of the world!

If this FBI investigation somehow gets squashed, this country is in very serious trouble!

It is well know that forensics can recover “erased emails” so this should lead to some interesting information at the very least, with people going to jail for obstruction of justice!
EDITORIAL: Walpin-gate opens wider – Washington Times

It also was learned last week that the White House is involved in major disputes with two other inspectors general who were poking around the administration’s business, including Neil M. Barofsky, whose job is to serve as watchdog for spending the $787 billion in controversial economic bailout funds.

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Justifying “Final Control” Over American Lives Via Bio-Ethics

Recently a friends article appeared in the Tea Party Nation Newsletter covering the potential cost of our health care going national, and being socialized, and some of the people directly involved with advising this Obama administration.  Given the presidents stands on issues like late-term abortion, we can be safe in assuming he agrees with the bio-ethic “science” too!  Bioethics is the study of the ethical decisions in medical matters.  The field is full of philosophers and academia writing important sounding papers while  setting the ground work for imposing policy about life and death situations in medical care. The fact they are seriously considering some of these ideas for “cost effectiveness” and may yet be the basis for politicians setting policy, should send a chill down every spine in America!

Death and Taxes – Obama’s Health Care Reform

by Sherry Phillips

Death and taxes.  You can’t get away from either of them, and when it comes to Obama’s new health care reform, they go hand in hand- like peanut butter and jelly.  His chief counselor on health care reform is Rahm Emanuel’s older brother, Ezekiel.  Ever heard of him?  I hadn’t, so I Googled his name and came up with some disturbing and frightening information.

Ezekiel Emanuel is a physician who keeps company and writes books with people like “the dean of health-care economists, Victor Fuchs.”
To Ezekiel’s delight, he spoke excitedly about his friend’s estimation of obtaining health-care reform in the US. “[Fuchs] has long maintained that we will get health-care reform only when there is a war, a depression or some other major civil unrest. It’s beginning to look like we might just get all three.” Indeed.  Things that trouble your average American, like a war, a depression and civil unrest, seem to delight Emanuel and his cronies because it helps to further their liberal agenda.

In one of the more shocking articles I found on Emanuel, in 1998 he co-wrote a paper with Margaret Pabst Battin entitled,

and my personal favorite,

In case you need clarification on that last one, she believes if you’ve got a terminal illness, your doctors should simply refuse to treat you since you’re going to die anyway.

There is a group in NY entitled The Hastings Center.  This center seems to be a fan of the Nazi’s euphemistically named act of “mercy killing”. The Hastings Center calls it “the right to die” and advocates suicide, “assisted suicide,” and helping death along by withholding medicine, food, and water from the sick.  While speaking to the Hastings Center last year, another friend of Emanuel’s, Phillip Ellis, complained about the fact that one-third of health-care expenses go to treat people for conditions from which they die anyway. For your information, Ezekiel Emanuel is a Fellow of the Hastings Center and these are the people Obama has as advisers for his health care reform.

So if I understand these people correctly, if you or a loved one are diagnosed with terminal cancer, but could get chemotherapy and live another 6 – 8 years (in which time a cure may be found), you should not receive chemo because you’re going to die anyway and it will be cheaper for everyone if you just go ahead and die.  Heck, they’ll even help you do it!  I guess that’s one way to cut back on health care expenses.

Which brings us to the question of how they are going to pay for their government run health care reform.  Three letters V.A.T. – the Value Added Tax.  In an article published by the last July, Ezekial wrote, “Americans would pay a dedicated Value Added Tax. “Dedicated” means it only goes to fund the Guaranteed Healthcare Access Plan and is not diverted to defense or Social Security or highway construction. ”  So, on top of your income taxes and rising costs of living, you get the privilege of paying an additional VAT (which taxes everybody from the ground up). Prices will rise for everything from the gas in your car to the groceries your family eats.  His brother Rahm has already started floating the VAT trial balloon for public consumption.

You might be asking yourself why would anyone want this system?  Why, when countries like Canada, Great Britain, and even the much lauded socialist Sweden are realizing that Socialized medicine doesn’t work and are trying to head back toward privatized medicine, are our government officials rushing at warp speed toward it?  Why tell American citizens things will be better if we just do our health care like our Canadian brethren while Canadian patients, desperate for health care and having to wait 6 months to see a doctor, are taking their savings and crossing the border into the US to get the medical attention they need to save their life?  People in Canada die waiting to see a doctor.

Last Saturday, D-Day, June 6th, Obama requested that his minions throw house parties in support of his Socialization of Health care.  Conservatives spread the word through TPN, Twitter and other conservative social networking sites and decided to hold counter-protests to these secretive house parties.  As Vern S. noted at the rally in Franklin, TN, “They chose to meet in secret to discuss their socialist plans for America.  We rally in public to let them know we don’t want it!”  The protests took many forms.  In San Diego, Jerry K. said some were planning on actually attending the meetings and talking to the hosts one on one.  In Memphis, Mark H‘s group held signs outside the meeting places.  In Seattle, Dave K. and more than 400 other patriots participated or promoted a counter protest named Funeral for Health Care (organized by Liberty Belle) to answer the Health Care Now! “astro-turfed” artificial event rally and march set up by Obama’s allies that bussed the people in for it, and ended up shocking the reform proponents by doing so!

They don’t expect us to fight back, but we are!

You may be asking yourself what can I do to stop Obama with his socialist agenda from ruining the greatest health care system in the world?

You write to and email your Representative and Senators.  You call them.  You visit their state offices in person.  You attend rallies and protests.  You let them know you are an American, not a Socialist, and you like your health care system just the way it is!

We all must act now- because the ‘silent majority’ cannot afford to be silent anymore!

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Sebelius Must Share Blame for Tiller Murder – Smart Girl Nation

Secretary Of “Unhealthy and Inhumane Services” Kathleen Sebelius

typifies the political games that cost human lives, and everyone should understand that she represents  truly reprehensible positions, both against life, and a demonstrated willingness to manipulate  the laws for her twisted political views.

In the entirely apt words of Dan McLaughlin, “Even before anything was known about Roeder, the left side of the blogosphere reacted to Dr. Tiller’s murder as if it was Christmas morning and they just got a pony.”Sebelius Must Share Blame for Tiller Murder

– Smart Girl Nation, Jun 2009

You should read the whole article.  Why isn’t this woman under investigation for obstruction of justice?

What is Bioethics? Why Should You Care?

What is Bioethics?

Why should you care?

It’s a matter of life or death!

Bioethics is the discipline that looks at life and the decisions involving it.

As we enter into the intense debate over Health Care Reform it becomes critical to understand that our lives, health, science,  law, and politics are all on a collision course!

Abortion, cloning, stem cell research, ‘right to die’, medical decisions,  new drugs,  lifestyles, informed consent, organ procurement,  children’s rights, and many  more,  are all affected.

Bio means life,  and ethics is what society decides is right.

Our government is exercising more and more authority over the autonomy of the individual.

Auto meaning self and nomos meaning law…in other words -“self-determination”,  based on ones morals and values.

Politically, we have been losing more autonomy of our lives daily it seems.  We have elected and unelected officials directing what we can or can not do,  say,  or even think!

It is worse than just troubling to think about what decisions they will claim away from us next, it is actually frightening!

When it comes to our health care decisions it is a nightmare, we cannot awake from!

We are in this predicament for one reason, our Constitution has been ignored and stretched beyond its actual meaning,  allowing government to seize power over people they were never allowed,  nor ever intended to have!

Their  power is than used to leverage behavior over people, to act or not act a certain way.

Those in power now, are not at all satisfied with the excessive power they have seized, and wish to seize even more!

Health care control is one of the biggest levers they have always dreamed of having.  This power tool gives them unprecedented (in this country) control over any remnants of autonomy the people hope to retain.

Should America be foolish enough to accept any form of socialized medicine (that isn’t already in place), they will have will have forfeited that most important “self” part out of autonomy!

Family members will be leveraged to use the new ethics of ‘doing what is best for the family‘ in letting their loved one expire.

Social needs not to pay for “unneeded” and expensive medical procedures will be the “new patriotic thing” they promote as normal.

There is almost no limit to the deception, and unethical games,  played in politics these days, and those political decisions for your life, and your loved ones lives, are speeding our way.

Soon we will be hearing ‘experts’ from The Hasting CenterHarvard Medical School,  and others, that will be talking heads to let us know they have already figured out all these complex ethical questionsfor us!

I don’t know about you but I think I’ll pass~

I still consider the “self ” part of autonomythe most important part!

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