The Accountability Shortage Eroding America

The Accountability Shortage Eroding America
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None of us are saints, most of us could do better, and we are all accountable ultimately for what we say or do, whether others may know of that which we do, or not.

“He’s a man of his word” is a saying which indicates someone can be trusted as honest. “A man’s word is his bond” is another version meaning the same thing. Traditionally we used to know a lot more people who said what they meant, and meant what they said, and some of them where even in politics! Nowadays, we cannot even trust most of our American media to be accountable in providing us the unvarnished truth, especially if there could be political fallout to certain parties in reporting the facts.

Integrity and accountability go hand in hand.  “Keeping them honest” has always meant holding people to account for what they say, and do. People with true integrity seem to have developed the self-discipline to live honestly, whether or not others are watching, even when it is easy to act anonymously or when opportunity to surreptitiously abuse trust presents itself.  We used to think of this as maturing. Not so many years ago this described the majority of our American population.

Popular culture, technology, and the prevailing socializing discourse in our time, have created new circumstances and some hiding zones or enclaves that too many people are using to escape consequences for their actions or words. These areas cultivate unlimited excuses or justifications for unaccountable behavior. Our own government uses the unaccountability by some to impose ridiculous measures for forced accountability on all, while ironically fighting any efforts by the people to require accountability from them. Not only that, depending on the political outcome they desire, they blatantly oscillate between both encouraging irresponsible behavior, and/or punishing it. Using the catch-all excuse of “social justice,” our leaders are classifying us, dividing us, marginalizing our individual worth, and controlling us, all because they can depend on the breakdown of accountability they have engineered or some willingly seek.

Those of us concerned for our country see we have an increasing lack of accountability on display from those who should be held to the very highest standards of conduct.  We see that our media has been corrupted, and are no longer diligent in their roles as guards for the public assigned to watch for signs of the abuse of power.  We also see that too many of our fellow citizens have adopted a mob mentality, and seem to want to be free of any personal accountability. Whether or not we are doing it to ourselves, or having it done to us, our standards for personable accountability are being lowered.

America cannot afford to allow this to continue and still expect to remain free.

We need people of integrity, and people who stick by their principles in our leadership positions.

Everybody is not suited for leadership.  We see the consequences of allowing those without experience, ability, or integrity to make important decisions that affect far more people than themselves. There is a basic truth in the “Peter Principle,” where eventually a person will be promoted to a level of incompetence, but seems especially true with those who lack integrity, honesty, and personal accountability in their lives.

Our institutions built on principles, which formerly created better conditions for people to take their responsibilities to be “men (and women) of their word,” seriously, have been under attack for decades by those seeking more power for themselves and less influence or power from those entities.

Those foundational institutions that reinforce the values we seek from a responsible citizenry begin with the basic family structure, our schools, our churches and our community groups. One aspect that is common about these associations is that they are voluntary.  Another was that they were originally relatively free of government interference, especially from afar. We can no longer claim this trait, just look at our schools now. These traditional relationships were also largely local, and we knew the members, and knew who best to trust among them.

Even as little as a decade ago, it is highly unlikely that a man with the highly questionable and little known background such as Barack Obama had could have been elected as president. The lack of accountability for his past associations and the lack of relevant experience both would have made him unelectable. But that is immaterial now since he was elected.  What is important is that he has now shown that he is not “a man of his word.”  He lies frequently and seemingly very easily, he retreats from accountability or responsibility for his own actions, and blames others or makes excuses, and he has shown little in promoting America or our values. The problems America faces as a nation are worsening, not improving, under his leadership.

An institution which has remained an island for real accountability is our military. The discipline and integrity of the professional men and women in our military have not suffered the same social values slippage the rest of society has, though it seems to be a new target for change by the elitists lately. Our hopes for finding true leaders with demonstrated and known records for achievement and accountability is enhanced with groups like Combat Vets for Congress PAC. Their motto, “Embedded Integrity.” They endorse people like Rep. (Lt. Col.) Allen West.

The previously mentioned traditional community institutions (those whom have managed to resist the culture of corruption in our society) is another great place to look for our needed leaders, and we should encourage those we identify as principled and trustworthy to run for office at all levels.

Yet, it also seems we all might need to take a fresh look at our own personal actions or behaviors in life.  Are we ourselves contributing or participating in the erosion of our society?  Are we staying silent when we should speak up, or putting minimum effort into fighting for what we believe in? Are we making excuses too? If you believe for example that more people need to get involved in your group, do you have a goal to attract a certain number each week or month?  Is there a plan in place for achieving your goal?  Are you truly giving it your best effort?  Isn’t this part of being accountable also?

The lack of accountability is responsible for most of our issues faced by the country; from illegal immigration, to the mortgage market fiasco, to the fight over health care costs, and in just plain dishonest corruption by those holding office.  Our leaders, and we ourselves, better wake up soon and demand a renewed, higher standard of accountability!

Just in case this commentary does not convey the importance of accountability, please carve out a period of time to watch the wisdom found in the MRC-TV video (about an hour) A Call to Accountability.


New Social Network Vulnerablity- “Fake Persona” Software


The various freedom movements, full of members motivated to seek each other out,  have had phenomenal growth enabled by the convenience of several social networking sites on the internet. The beauty of the whole setup is that we have effectively bypassed the media, and their propaganda, to get to the truth.  Most of our groups have learned that we need to moderate our own sites for both spam and the deliberately disruptive, we tend to call “trolls.  But a recent article by “Social Media Examiner”,  Sean Kerrigan, tells us that we are now entering a whole new game– and it is being spearheaded by our own government.


Read it, and please pass this information on to your members!

US Gov. Software Creates ‘Fake People’ on Social Networks to Promote Propaganda

The US government is offering private intelligence companies contracts to create software to manage “fake people” on social media sites and create the illusion of consensus on controversial issues.

The contract calls for the development of  “Persona Management Software” which would help the user create and manage a variety of distinct fake profiles online. The job listing was discussed in recently leaked emails from the private security firm HBGary after an attack by internet activist last week.

The Rarest Thing In Washington D.C.

Originally posted at Liberty4 US blog

While it is true that honesty, integrity, common sense, or ethical behavior seem rare these days in Washington, D.C., there is another glaring rarity that is so obvious that most cannot see it.  Those that are the closest, who work there, are the least likely of all to see.

In fact, it may require some distance to observe this basic truth. For the further away one is, the more likely one is to suffer ill effects due to the very rarity of this entity.

The rarest thing in Washington is a product this country needs the most.

What is it that is so rare?

The rarest thing created in Washington, D.C. is… good law.

On one hand we should recognize and respect these people for the sacrifice they make in serving us, but on the other we deserve much better. Lawmakers there have a nearly impossible task given the scope of the role most of them now believe they own. Logistically, they just do not have time to construct good law.  They no longer seem to understand their job descriptions as decreed by the people. Who can blame them though, with the federal courts continuously handing out findings that seem to indicate we have moved beyond our Constitution, in the name of progress, which leads them to believe in an ever expanding role for themselves, and the part they must play? Great cover, having unelected activist judges provide the “business of Washington” rules. They also believe that they are primarily there to make law, so they go about making multitudes of new laws for us all to follow.  And therein lays the problem. Hundreds of new laws, and tens of thousands of new rules to enforce them are created by them yearly. And their product is not very good. Have you looked at our federal tax laws?

Since we citizens are not all the same, and have such a wide variety of differing needs and interests for ourselves and communities, making laws to be applied equally to everybody across the land is no small design challenge. And the fact of the matter is, the design challenge is rarely ever met at all.

As an analogy imagine trying come up with a sound bridge design which must accommodate all the people, all the time, and handle any and all contingencies, and also be safe, and do this in a few days, weeks, or even months. In fact, such a bridge would be nearly impossible to even design or to make, ever.

Any such undertaking of this magnitude should also be rare.  But this is not what happens in Washington, D.C.. What happens there is that reams of new “problems” are brought to a lawmakers attention, and he or she is expected to come up with equitable solutions.  So they go about the process of making new laws via the bill procedures. After all they are called “lawmakers.”

Originally, when the elected adhered to our Constitution and understood their job, lawmakers were supposed to congregate in our U.S. capital to decide on important solutions primarily concerned with protecting the citizenry from external threats to their lives, liberty, pursuit of happiness and property.  They then returned home to report to their constituents and state legislators. When Congress stuck to those actual responsibilities, they had far fewer laws to make than what they undertake now, and they actually had a chance to design and construct good laws. Somewhere along the line however, they decided that they were really there to decide for us citizens what to do about anything and everything. Having given themselves authority they do not have, they are now overwhelmed by it.

Today a “problem” is more likely to be a “special interest” or ideological wish list, rather than any actual national distress or threat needing a new law for a solution.  The lobbyist who represents money…


How and Why America’s Productive Will Win

We are under assault by a naturally occurring problem that our Fore Fathers worried about and some unnatural problems by those with an ideology that wishes to permanently destroy what we have in order to rebuild a substitute in its place using human envy to accomplish this.

Our country is founded on liberty and justice.

The Fore Fathers worried about the tendency of a self perpetuating tendency for government institutions to grow and reinforce that growth at the expense of a correlating demise of liberty.

We can see now that their concerns were more than justified.

The pursuit of equality in the name of justice is the lever that has allowed our politicians and judges to pry and wedge away our individual rights and assign meaning or importance to them as only valid if they are collective rights.

In this manner a government has justified the pillage of the individual and use of force to do what it wishes to do in spite of what the consequences to individual rights have been.

We also have those that have always wished to form a society that absolutely rejects any individual freedom and only assigns collective rights based upon what they say they should be.  Those are the unnatural forces that are actively attacking this country now as we speak and currently hold the reins of power.

Their system uses the facade of equality also.  That system depends on controlling all aspects of our society and it depends on the productive to toil for the unproductive.
“To each according to their need, from each according to their ability.”

So how do we “Go Gault” with no secret valley to retreat to?

In a way without realizing it we are already doing so.

The tea party movement sprang up seemingly out of nowhere.  People started to realize that their hard work is not paying off and that our government is going to continue to be irresponsible, redistribute our hard earned property to others and that there is no end in sight.

So how have we gone Gault?

People have taken the time to put their time and money where their heart is and just as importantly decided to use their productivity in a way that the government has not figured out how to steal.
Instead of working overtime to line the feds pockets and take home our meager leftovers after they grab our labor to give to others, we have put our extra time and productivity into working to restore our liberty. We have collectively put in hundreds of millions of hours to do this and we are just getting started.

There are many that have stood on the sidelines and taken a “wait and see” attitude about this movement, and what it means, and if there is any chance for it to be effective.  Guess what- those people are joining us now.

All the major personalities and the most respectable conservative organizations that we normally listen to give us the alternative to the lying media are all getting involved themselves and the politicians too see that this movement cannot be ignored in any way, shape, form, or manner.

What we have is a movement of the productive people in this country that are fed up by being ripped off by the unproductive and being directed by some self-important elites that “know better” than everyone else what is right for us in our lives.

Our productivity has been used against us to supply their power.

When we use our productivity to restore our own power these elitist’s will not stand a chance.

This voluntary productivity cannot be stolen by the government, and it is generated by the individual as a free choice.  We have barely tapped into this resource as of yet.

Once people ask themselves the question of what they personally are prepared to do, what preoccupation is more important to them than their own liberty… watch out!

Don’t get in our way!

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“Our Government” Turning on Americans

Those who are joining the tea party movement have one goal in common,we are  Americans reclaiming our power.

But our own government cannot allow us to retake our power from them, so they blame others for misleading us and not knowing what is best for us!

“Angry mobs of rabid right-wing extremists.”
Brad Woodhouse, Democrat National Committee

“….manufactured anger.
Robert Gibbs, White House spokesman

“experts at fake grassroots campaigns that promote corporate interests.”
Rachel Maddow, MSNBC

“oil industry and Republican operative millionaires’ club
Rachel Maddow, MSNBC

This is the year 2009.  Our country is the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Our country is the champion of liberty and individual rights.  Our country celebrates over  two centuries of prosperity and and more freedom and innovation than the world has ever witnessed. We have become the most powerful nation on earth because of the most perfect document guaranteeing our rights, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness ever penned, our US Constitution.

However there are those that have worked slowly but surely to erode every joint in our framework for our free republic.  They are doing this without the consent of the governed while pretending to protect and preserve our core strengths.

Now our most basic, God given rights, are being challenged by a government confused by what they are allowed to do with their delegated power and with what they do not have authority to do.

The very first and most important right listed in our Bill of Rights  is appropriately  freedom of speech.

For government at the highest levels to order surveillance and reporting of those speaking in a dissenting voice and to be falsely named as unruly mobs is a sign that should concern all Americans greatly.

One party has come to monopolize the flow of information to the people and are crossing the line and identifying ordinary concerned citizens as something we are not!

Today a blogger wrote who we actually are very eloquently

at the website Hot and I wanted to share his thoughts-

Who We Are

posted at 8:48 am on August 6, 2009 by Doctor Zero
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There seems to be a bit of confusion among Democrats about the nature of the opposition to their plans. Maybe I can help clear things up, by telling them a few things about us.

We’re not paid minions of any corporate interest or lobby. Most bloggers working to stop the Obama health-care disaster are like me, writing when they can find the time, because we care about the future of our country. The same is true of the people showing up at town hall meetings, and organizing rallies. Some of us are well-dressed in tailored suits. Others wear jeans and T-shirts. Most of us are dressed in what we wore to work.

Our support for a massive government program does not increase when you tell us we’re not allowed to ask questions about it.

We’re not racists. We’re also not racialists. We don’t think a wise Latina is inherently more qualified to do anything than a wise Asian woman, a wise white woman, or a wise white man. We’re tired of being fed excuses for high government offices staffed by anything but the best people for the job. There are too many high government offices, so we’d like some of Obama’s absurdly incompetent appointees to take their titles with them when they leave. We remember what it was like when we got rid of the Clinton mob, so we’ll be conducting inventories on the contents of those vacated offices, before we turn out the lights and pour cement in the locks.

We don’t like having to fight desperate battles to save our freedom and future from socialist politicians every ten or twenty years. We don’t like having our time wasted with trillion-dollar statist fantasies, when our government is already trillions of dollars in the red. We’re tired of checking the papers each day, to see which group of us has been targeted as enemies of the State. We’re growing impatient waiting for the Democrats to come up with ideas that don’t require their supporters to hate someone. We’ve had our fill of “progressives” who act as if we’re living in 1909, and none of their diseased policies have ever been tried before.

We believe government should be punished for failing to live up to the expectations of its citizens, not the other way around. We don’t think people who destroy thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in market value should get a pass because they meant well. We’ve had enough of dodging a massive State that wants to organize, subsidize, penalize, and divide us. We refuse to pay tithe to a religion we don’t support, including the official State religion of global warming. We demand honesty, humility, and transparency from our public servants, no matter how many elections they’ve won. We won’t settle for making the only important decisions about our futures in the voting booth, once every couple of years.

We don’t blame people for showing up to grab their share of a government handout. We blame the people who stole the money from the rest of us, and put it on the table for them. We don’t think respect for private property ends at a certain income level, or that only some people should be applauded for doing their best to get ahead in life. We believe in the power and righteousness of capitalism, the exchange of goods and services between free people acting in their own best interests. There is no moral substitute for it. Every other scheme for governing human affairs amounts to a few dominating some, to the applause of others. Our freedom is not for sale, and we reserve the right to defend it from theft.

We don’t invest our hopes in the government. It is beneath the dignity of free men and women to spend their days hoping a politician decides to provide for our needs. We face the future, not with passive and helpless “hope”, but with active and dynamic faith in ourselves, and our fellow Americans. We are opposed to a political class that tries to cultivate our hopes by showering us with fear. We don’t trust politicians with our fortunes, much less with our lives. In fact, we don’t trust politicians much at all… but we absolutely require them to trust us.

We do not regard America as the sole country on Earth that should be forbidden from taking pride in its history, traditions, and achievements. We reject the notion that celebrating our traditions is an automatic insult to anyone else. We owe absolutely no apologies to murderous dictators or unelected tyrants, and we care little for their feelings. We believe there are many lessons to be learned from our history, by all the people of the world, and we cannot teach those lessons if we allow ourselves to be shamed into silence. We will never hesitate to call evil by its proper name, or give evil men good reasons to fear us.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have a lot of work to do. There’s an election coming up next year.

Walpin-gate opens wider – Washington Times

Can we call this a cover-up now?  It is now reported the FBI is on the case at St. Hope!

Americorp?  St Hope?

How many more of these federally infused grant programs are fraudulent in their use of our taxpayers money?

Is this  the Chicago way of political graft?

The “audacity of hope” is turning out to be that one hoped he could continue the Chicago style politics as SOP, without everyone in the entire world noticing what he was doing!  Illegally firing Walpin was ill advised, to say the least.

I keep imagining the feeding frenzy of the blood smelling leftist media that would be occurring over this if President Bush had done this!

The “audacity of hope” is also ignoring and advocating ones responsibility as the “Leader of the Free World” while the largest upheaval against tyranny, and for freedom,  plays out in a crucial region of the world!

If this FBI investigation somehow gets squashed, this country is in very serious trouble!

It is well know that forensics can recover “erased emails” so this should lead to some interesting information at the very least, with people going to jail for obstruction of justice!
EDITORIAL: Walpin-gate opens wider – Washington Times

It also was learned last week that the White House is involved in major disputes with two other inspectors general who were poking around the administration’s business, including Neil M. Barofsky, whose job is to serve as watchdog for spending the $787 billion in controversial economic bailout funds.

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Obama Fired IG Who Was Exposing Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Inspector Generals have the duty to fight against waste, fraud, and abuse in Federal programs.

Evidently Obama feels his Federal programs, and his cronies are “hands off”.

This President has much to explain about his political firing of an IG,

who had the temerity to buck the presidents wishes, and be diligent

in performing his functions.

It is our money that is being wasted fraudulently, so how is a president that speaks of openness, and transparency,  going to reconcile this contradictory action with the American public?

Obama Fired IG Who Investigated Friend | Sweetness & Light

Michelle Malkin has more on this here!

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