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Time To Pay the Piper?

Time To Pay the Piper?
ROC Commentary (July 15, 2011 Issue#28)

Any private entity operating like our government does now would likely be considered a criminal enterprise.

Since the 1930’s our federal government works in many respects much like Ponzi schemes made famous by many notorious figures who devised underhanded ways to help themselves to the fruits of other people’s labor for profit to themselves.  Politicians figured out long ago that public accountability was lacking at certain times, especially when their own party enjoyed immense political power. Tricky wording and emotional appeal could be employed to get enough visible public support to advance ill-advised policies and programs so they could be incrementally implemented with minimum resistance from the people, most of whom would never consider the long term implications. So they promised the American people the world, the stars and the moon! Unfortunately many believed that there was such a thing as a “free lunch!” The politicians then pocketed their political profits…at our expense.

So many wild promises have been made to Americans for decades now by these politicians in the name of solving one “problem” or another with vague assurances as to the benefits compared to the true costs.  This selling by incremental steps has a ratcheting factor too (rarely, if ever, reversed) that has allowed the politicians of the federal government to create incomprehensible, mammoth-sized money drains on America’s productive. A continuing series of power usurping moves by these so called representatives or by supposedly impartial judges with agendas (public servants entrusted with upholding the duties and responsibilities required by the US Constitution) has also successfully reversed the role of our federal government in relation to the people.

Increasingly the media safeguard for accountability has evaporated as they have ignored their watchdog role or actively participated in the political deceptions. Now the federal government has intruded into numerous areas of our lives by exercising power they were never granted by the people or by our founding documents. This usurpation of power has cost us big time… in both monetary terms, and in our liberty. The “piper” now holds a huge bill in our name (not the politicians who ran it up)… that threatens to exceed our ability to pay. The reckless spending for empty promises must stop now, and the bill we owe must be addressed … while we still can. The past promises that were made and are now depended on by so many must be brought into proper perspective through a prism based in reality and not automatically continued “as is” until they inevitably ruin us all financially.

What we are witnessing in the the “debt ceiling” debate is the unpleasant reality which eventually catches up with those who set up schemes to defraud others.  The unpleasant results of making wild promises, while using other peoples money to keep the scams going, has come to a head.  Those who are in on the Washington con or “game” simply wish to continue to play… by giving themselves permission to do so, even though it has become glaringly apparent that the longer this continues, the worse it will be for our young and future citizens.

The American people for the most part have made it clear that we expect and demand responsible, accountable, and honest solutions by our representation to get us back on the right track and provide our posterity with the same opportunities we have enjoyed. We repeatedly reject any more “smoke and mirrors”, or “kicking the can down the road” in order to avoid doing what must be done.

This is not just another high stakes contest in the game of “chicken” between political foes.  This battle has much more on the line than who wins politically. Ultimately the outcome will directly affect all the people, and determine the future or demise of this country.  There is very little to really compromise on, as the actual choice is stark… either the success or failure as a country.  It is time to stand up for doing what is right if we believe in America. It is long past due time to “pay the piper” and to get our house in order to ensure that from now on… we have and operate a government based in reality… and not false utopian dreams for equal outcomes, ideological fantasies, or other pretending.

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The Accountability Shortage Eroding America

The Accountability Shortage Eroding America
ROC Commentary

None of us are saints, most of us could do better, and we are all accountable ultimately for what we say or do, whether others may know of that which we do, or not.

“He’s a man of his word” is a saying which indicates someone can be trusted as honest. “A man’s word is his bond” is another version meaning the same thing. Traditionally we used to know a lot more people who said what they meant, and meant what they said, and some of them where even in politics! Nowadays, we cannot even trust most of our American media to be accountable in providing us the unvarnished truth, especially if there could be political fallout to certain parties in reporting the facts.

Integrity and accountability go hand in hand.  “Keeping them honest” has always meant holding people to account for what they say, and do. People with true integrity seem to have developed the self-discipline to live honestly, whether or not others are watching, even when it is easy to act anonymously or when opportunity to surreptitiously abuse trust presents itself.  We used to think of this as maturing. Not so many years ago this described the majority of our American population.

Popular culture, technology, and the prevailing socializing discourse in our time, have created new circumstances and some hiding zones or enclaves that too many people are using to escape consequences for their actions or words. These areas cultivate unlimited excuses or justifications for unaccountable behavior. Our own government uses the unaccountability by some to impose ridiculous measures for forced accountability on all, while ironically fighting any efforts by the people to require accountability from them. Not only that, depending on the political outcome they desire, they blatantly oscillate between both encouraging irresponsible behavior, and/or punishing it. Using the catch-all excuse of “social justice,” our leaders are classifying us, dividing us, marginalizing our individual worth, and controlling us, all because they can depend on the breakdown of accountability they have engineered or some willingly seek.

Those of us concerned for our country see we have an increasing lack of accountability on display from those who should be held to the very highest standards of conduct.  We see that our media has been corrupted, and are no longer diligent in their roles as guards for the public assigned to watch for signs of the abuse of power.  We also see that too many of our fellow citizens have adopted a mob mentality, and seem to want to be free of any personal accountability. Whether or not we are doing it to ourselves, or having it done to us, our standards for personable accountability are being lowered.

America cannot afford to allow this to continue and still expect to remain free.

We need people of integrity, and people who stick by their principles in our leadership positions.

Everybody is not suited for leadership.  We see the consequences of allowing those without experience, ability, or integrity to make important decisions that affect far more people than themselves. There is a basic truth in the “Peter Principle,” where eventually a person will be promoted to a level of incompetence, but seems especially true with those who lack integrity, honesty, and personal accountability in their lives.

Our institutions built on principles, which formerly created better conditions for people to take their responsibilities to be “men (and women) of their word,” seriously, have been under attack for decades by those seeking more power for themselves and less influence or power from those entities.

Those foundational institutions that reinforce the values we seek from a responsible citizenry begin with the basic family structure, our schools, our churches and our community groups. One aspect that is common about these associations is that they are voluntary.  Another was that they were originally relatively free of government interference, especially from afar. We can no longer claim this trait, just look at our schools now. These traditional relationships were also largely local, and we knew the members, and knew who best to trust among them.

Even as little as a decade ago, it is highly unlikely that a man with the highly questionable and little known background such as Barack Obama had could have been elected as president. The lack of accountability for his past associations and the lack of relevant experience both would have made him unelectable. But that is immaterial now since he was elected.  What is important is that he has now shown that he is not “a man of his word.”  He lies frequently and seemingly very easily, he retreats from accountability or responsibility for his own actions, and blames others or makes excuses, and he has shown little in promoting America or our values. The problems America faces as a nation are worsening, not improving, under his leadership.

An institution which has remained an island for real accountability is our military. The discipline and integrity of the professional men and women in our military have not suffered the same social values slippage the rest of society has, though it seems to be a new target for change by the elitists lately. Our hopes for finding true leaders with demonstrated and known records for achievement and accountability is enhanced with groups like Combat Vets for Congress PAC. Their motto, “Embedded Integrity.” They endorse people like Rep. (Lt. Col.) Allen West.

The previously mentioned traditional community institutions (those whom have managed to resist the culture of corruption in our society) is another great place to look for our needed leaders, and we should encourage those we identify as principled and trustworthy to run for office at all levels.

Yet, it also seems we all might need to take a fresh look at our own personal actions or behaviors in life.  Are we ourselves contributing or participating in the erosion of our society?  Are we staying silent when we should speak up, or putting minimum effort into fighting for what we believe in? Are we making excuses too? If you believe for example that more people need to get involved in your group, do you have a goal to attract a certain number each week or month?  Is there a plan in place for achieving your goal?  Are you truly giving it your best effort?  Isn’t this part of being accountable also?

The lack of accountability is responsible for most of our issues faced by the country; from illegal immigration, to the mortgage market fiasco, to the fight over health care costs, and in just plain dishonest corruption by those holding office.  Our leaders, and we ourselves, better wake up soon and demand a renewed, higher standard of accountability!

Just in case this commentary does not convey the importance of accountability, please carve out a period of time to watch the wisdom found in the MRC-TV video (about an hour) A Call to Accountability.

Manufactured Healthcare Crisis

James Simpsons article hits the nail on the head.

Manufactured Healthcare Crisis

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Barack Obama is no Hero

Barack Obama is no Hero

He never has been, and he never will be.  Barack Obama may have a large group of groupies but he certainly is no hero.

A hero is someone who has displayed extraordinary bravery to do the right thing- not someone who displays extraordinary arrogance in wanting to dominate others.

A hero is someone who rushes into a burning building that is about to become engulfed to rescue it’s occupants.

Barack Obama wants to release the ‘misunderstood’ criminals  from jail early.

A hero is one who jumps into an icy river from a helicopter to save a plane crash survivor about to succumb to the effects of extreme hypothermia unable to function a moment longer to save themselves.

Barack Obama wishes to decide when government can pull one’s life support system.

A hero is a doctor that battles for hours on end to take every possible step and draw on every possible inner strength to give the hopelessly injured a fighting chance at life.

Barack Obama says  killing infants is preferable to allowing young mothers to be punished with a baby.

A hero is the young person bravely facing a merciless enemy to defend his countryman’s wish to be free in wars far from home.

Barack Obama is repulsed by the thought of individual freedom , sovereignty, or determining ones own life choices, wanting to use the force of government to dictate, and to impose  the conditions of collectivism.

We have seen our heroes in action.  We know them.  They are in action everyday, fighting fires, treating injured and sick, rescuing the helpless, fighting for liberty,  and taking risks for others.

Barack Obama dresses nice, talks slick, and steals money from others so that he can give it to those who will help him keep power.  Not something any actual hero would ever do.

When a real hero talks of his deeds, it is almost always done reluctantly and humbly at the insistence of someone else.

Barack Obama really does think he “might be a little too awesome”, and expects us all to believe this also.

I know what heroes are and Barack Obama, you are no hero.

You are the antithesis of a hero depending on others to do your bidding and claiming undue glory for your accomplishments.  Bowing to Arab leaders, trashing the reputation of this country, high-fiving the oppressors of the world, using the power of government to tear down your own country as quickly as any enemy would hope for.  Doubling our national debt and placing millions more into the pathetic life of government welfare is hardly a hero’s legacy.

I have some new heroes to see these days though I do not know who they are.  My new heroes are those that at first supported you , blinded by the style and delivery of impossible promises, but have recovered their vision now to see what you truly are.  They are now brave enough to do the right thing and seek the truth.  Your numbers of supporters are dropping, so we know they are out there.

Barack Obama, you are a man bent on dominating and ruling others, while using the force of government to do so, just as every tyrant that ever proceeded you has.  The madness of the liberal mind always tries to justify this course.

I know nobody around you will tell you so- but,  Barack Obama you are no hero, never have been, never will be.

Fighting Liberal Distortions & Deceptions

“What Liberals Say” was developed by Accuracy in Media as a unique and comprehensive resource for statements made by liberals. The objective is to showcase hundreds — and eventually thousands — of statements by high-profile liberals on controversial subjects like gun control, multiculturalism and global warming.

What Liberals Say

Unless you are very naive about life, chances are that you already  know that the ‘sound bite’ information, and popular culture “quicky” news,  may not be the most reliable sources to draw any substance,  nor to form an objective opinion on the issues.

The Issues/Experts tab on this site will lead you to excellent and professional analysis of the issues we are facing in America today.  One of the best ways you know you are getting good information is to do the research for yourself!

Libs going Low with “Born Again American” video

Early today on one of our tea party sites we received messages encouraging everyone to view the video Born Again American.

An alert member found out the lowdown and very deceptive purpose behind the video-

This music video seems at first blush to be a very patriotic one. But the use of the word “Born Again” is a strictly Christian term to mean the spirit of a person being revived from death to life thru Jesus Christ. Yet there is a Muslim and a Jew singing together.

Type in the title of this song and see what you find. Norman Lear and his “People for the American Way” is not a conservative organization. It is a liberal group. Norman Lears’ group is pro: abortion, gay, etc. It is anti-right wing and anti-conservative.

Follow the links and you’ll find it a progressive deception tool to get some of you to follow their ways. Here is what I found on the page for the “People for the American Way”: http://site.pfaw.org/site/PageServer?pagename=homepagenew

1. Pro-Sotomayer
2. Advocates passing the “Hate Crimes” bill
3. Says “Right Wing Follows Deceptive Script on Supreme Court”
4. Is pro-Prop 8 which is for the marriage of homosexuals.

This “Born Again Video” is the hook to get you to go to sites where it gets very anti-Christian, anti-conservative quickly. Please get rid of this pro-liberal video as it’s links lead to the enemy’s sites.

Also this video leads to pro-Obama sites. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/norman-lear/born-again-american-how-t_b_162180.html

In 1981, Lear founded People For the American Way, a civil liberties advocacy organization. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norman_Lear]
http://newsbusters.org/blogs/kyle-drennen/2009/06/08/cbs-offers-fawning-profile-left-wing-activist-norman-lear [mentions this video]
http://site.pfaw.org/site/PageServer?pagename=issues_right_landing [attacks RWE i.e. you on this site]

This video because of it’s quick association to progressive/liberal links has no place on this site. It is a slick tool the liberals have used to try to gather people to it’s sites and ideology. I do agree that it is easy to be lead on by the seemingly nice and patriotic video.

Please pass this along to friends and other tea party members whom amy not yet be aware of the ulterior motive behind the video!