Standing As One

Americans are continuing to come together to fight fiercely for their liberty.

The ruling class hates this and tries to marginalize us all as extremists…

It will never work for them.


America is meant to be be a free nation under God

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Shrinking Shield of Cover for Left

We let it be known as citizens and voters that we do not want certain things – in response our politicians go about implementing what they want anyway. This is especially true when the left holds power!

Over and over these “trusted public servants” serve up a full plate of deception and connive new schemes to fool as many people as possible into letting them do whatever they want to do. What they want to do is to grow power over us any way they can.

If the people say no, the politicians say “okay”,  as they find new ways to do it anyway.

Today we see the US Senate attaching an amendment for a bill meant to fund defense spending with provisions to make special punishments for those that dare disagree with  newly favored groups of minorities.  Thinking or expressing a certain opinion or attitude  could now be illegal for those people not part of the groups mentioned!

When did they last do this very same thing? September 2007

That effort was met with the veto power of a different president.

Did the people ask for this? No, they were against it- and still are!

In issue after issue, we see this happening.

How many times will we have to fight the same battles over and over again?

This “equalizer” is going to put some  good people in jail unjustly!

Think about how many issues that didn’t fly,  but become magically resurrected with a new approach, label, or  angle taken by our public leaders.

We vote, we say “NO!”, and a year later we are fighting the same issue, why?

A big part of it is  that our politicians know they have cover… our media.

Media have become a weird and bizarre group that is acting in a manner to legitimize an upside down perception of reality.  While portraying society in one way, they are aiding in destroying it in another. This partnership of perception shaping with government is a truly dangerous game.

The horrible job that our government is doing now is reported as progress!  The total economic disaster engineered by the left that threatens to bring down our nation, bring about the end of everything most of us hold dear,  is the actual reality.

I have three socialists supposedly representing me in the federal government, another as a governor, a state legislator and county government  full of them.  I have some very gullible neighbors who are happy to know these things are so ,  who think things are bound to improve now that Obama is president too!

Who do they trust for their information about the state of society, the media of course. How do they(media) expose these politicians for who they really are? Well, actually, they don’t,  instead they legitimize them- by keeping any honest analysis of what they are doing quiet.

Their “savior” Obama hasn’t improved a thing (due to George Bush of course), and who cares about Iranians, or Cap and Trade (whatever that is), or the dozen of our brave soldiers lost in the past few weeks,  when it is so sad that Michael Jackson passed so early in life!

The problem is of course peoples willingness to accept ignorance as wisdom pulls the rug out from under all of our feet by allowing these slinking, sneaky, and sleazy politicians to ruin and destroy on a regular basis and have the cover of the “all knowing media” to justify their actions.

While the solar activity of our sun has actually begun a long cooling period, the media continues to provide cover to the Global Warming lie. The sleazy politicians still need this lie to do what we people do not want,  restrict our energy.

The opposition to Government Health Care is not going to be covered by media either, we know why.

Most of us know that appearances are not always what they appear to be, but our politicians know they can control perception of reality if they control the media, and those that do so the most effectively make perception our reality as they say. Media and politicians deny this blatant bias but how can they given they are ignoring the millions comprising the tea party movement?

The tea party movement is offering a new voice against these engineered perceptions.  Many of those that work within media and still cognizant of actual reality may soon be making the decision to join us rather than give in to the mess their industry is enabling.  Maybe. We want those honest enough to see reality on this side.

In the mean time we need to keep pressure on these politicians and let them know that we are watching and talking about every underhanded method they are using to defy what most Americans want, and work to get them out of positions of trust.

We also need to keep holding up the mirror to our media and exposing them for what they have become, wasted talent, pawns of politicians of a certain ilk.  The job of providing cover needs to become un attractive to them as it is surely ugly to behold for those who can see past their shrinking shield of cover!

Remember Atlanta!

New tea party rally cry! Remember Atlanta!

All upcoming Independence day ralliers should also brings signs that show solidarity for the Tea Party cancelled

at the last minute for very suspicious reasons by very liberal property owners!

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When Will President Obama Make the Case for Freedom?

Our First President

Our First President-George Washington

It is important, likewise, that the habits of thinking in a free country should inspire caution in those entrusted with its administration, to confine themselves within their respective constitutional spheres, avoiding in the exercise of the powers of one department to encroach upon another. The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all the departments in one, and thus to create, whatever the form of government, a real despotism. A just estimate of that love of power, and proneness to abuse it, which predominates in the human heart, is sufficient to satisfy us of the truth of this position.

Washington’s Farewell Address of 1796

The case for freedom is America.

Millions seek to come here for that reason alone!

Appreciative Americans realize that and thank God that they were fortunate enough to be either born here, or become a citizen here.

Millions more around the world live without freedom, but hope to experience it someday.

It does not take a whole lot of education to understand that we are blessed, while others are not so fortunate.

Obama is exploiting the difference for his own political purposes.

Past presidents have shown the world what freedom  offers, and encouraged people from around the globe to not only consider freedom, but to strive for it.

America is not a selfish nation.  We have never felt that freedom and liberty was solely our domain to jealously guard without sharing.

So why now is our president acting as if that is the case?  Why does he travel  to places devoid of any true freedom- and state we are standing on common ground?

Just when exactly is he going to start to speak the truth about the way things really are?

People that live under freedom live the best, period.  They have the most, need the least as far as basic survival and in quality of life.

People that live under powerful thugs or where an elite political class controls everything have the least, and need the most.

Our freedom grew out of our economic freedom, that is how we became the superpower we are compared to other nations. That superpower status does not just refer to military might, it applies across the categories of human endeavors.

Innovation, generosity, justice, compassion, and economic might.

Our freedom enabled us to become who we are.  We are free to speak, to worship, to own property and to have a representative government.

Our freedom has created such a powerful momentum that we have been propelled along by this even as many have worked tirelessly against our rights and freedom.

Now though, all those chips and cracks against our principles, by so many, for so long, are really taking a toll on our Charters of Freedom, the Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Constitution.

I do not see  or hear our president making the case for freedom at all.

In fact, I am not alone in believing,  that the president has actually been making the case against freedom everywhere he goes,  with both words and deeds.

We can easily find apologists and defenders alike that insist that we, whom cherish our freedom, have judged the president all wrong.

They call us “extremists” as they work feverishly to deny all religious worship as the work of “zealots” if it does not conform to their worship of the State.

They call us “fringed elements” while they work ingeniously to disguise their attempts to stifle and suppress speech that does not conform to their views.

As they seize control over private industries right and left, they claim free enterprise is the evil in our country.

They openly admit to plans to further deprive of us our freedoms and how they will spend a lot more money we do not have, to make energy unavailable for use, to punish those with special sentences for daring to think for themselves about social issues, and to openly flood our society with workers they know will vote for entitlements over freedom.

Not only is our free economic system being dismantled without regard to freedom, our personal freedom is also under attack.

Our Constitution guarantees the right to own and bear arms an essential right in a free society, yet Obama has not been straight with America, and does seek to disarm us.

Nothing can be more personal than seeking and having control over your own health care decisions, and also maintaining your privacy as an individual, so why than is Obama pushing so hard to to seize these personal rights and personal freedoms away too?

How can society be free if they have no say in their lives?

I do not know exactly why our media threw in so completely with the anti-freedom, pro-control left.  It is bad for us all (that love freedom) that they have chosen this.

Most of us can appreciate and understand the special role and rights afforded a free press by our Founding Fathers.  They recognized that our freedom would come under attack, they saw the press as having a vital role in warning of an overreaching and abusive government.

Few spectacles are more chilling these days than to watch as our press is virtually silent during press conferences with the President, or even his press Secretary, on issues across the board that are having long term impacts to Americans freedoms.

Some of the media remarks are so absurd and beyond belief in unadulterated adulation for a president that has barely taken office, yet has done considerable damage to Americas image and to freedoms image as well thus far, that you find yourself double checking the sources to make sure they are true!

I have come to the conclusion that this president has no intention of making the case for freedom, this president intends to make a case of government control over freedom, and the press has decided to aid and abet him in that effort.

So I would make this case.  We are not the “extremists” here. We who love freedom, we love liberty and we want our children and grandchildren to also have freedom and liberty are not any of the names or labels used to distort what we stand for.

We are doing what so many others have done throughout our great history.  We are following tradition, celebrating freedom,  and always doing our part to both preserve and protect it.

We have lost so many good men and women fighting for our country.  They vowed to protect and preserve our Constitution, the doctrine of freedom,  from all enemies foreign and domestic.

When will President Obama make the case for freedom?

I do not believe he ever will, or ever wanted to.

So everyday we must do it for ourselves!

When they awoke the country had changed…as promised!


The New America is going to be hell for freedom and liberty loving people.

The conversions of ‘citizens’ to ‘subjects of the state’ are moving along at a dizzying pace.

Obama is taking care of business-his business, not ours.

His business revolves around three tenets (which would more accurately be described as whirlpools) destined to suck the life out of our economy, our self-determination, and our future as a free country!

His tenets and ideology are rationing,redistribution, and regulation in order to bring about the change he promised, without telling the country exactly what his vision for change was.

The people that dug up the history on the man who had little in the department of any serious qualifications to lead us in the world’s most powerful position, were trying to warn the people about who he is-a radical revolutionary with anti-American ideas and ideals that are more Marxist than anyone ever to even run for the position in the past!

Even when it became obvious that the person running for our President was deliberately concealing his past he was being covered and sheltered from criticism as if he were in actuality a ‘god’ to be worshiped and revered.

I will never understand how even the conservative leaning “balanced” media conspired to shut down real criticism regarding his cloudy past, when it is still an issue begging for answers by so many today. Were we being blackmailed by those whom Obama later bowed to out of his own reverence?

Regardless of those circumstances ignored and left un-vetted, for now we are stuck with him, and he has wasted no time in sticking it to us, the American people! The ways in which he is sticking it to us, are becoming so numerous, so quickly that it is getting hard to keep track of all of them, and remind ourselves how often he has done so already.

It brings us back to that rationing thing he is all about.

Have you noticed it?  Time is even rationed out to ‘certain people’ allowed to ask rationed questions on his plans for us.

Obviously he feels that amongst the worlds countries, America has received far too much praise, and far too little criticism so he has set out to even that out. Same for terrorists, or whatever he calls them these days, they have received too much blame and America not nearly enough to Obamas way of thinking.

Energy use?Again, we use too much, of course, so we will have ours rationed now, using regulation and redistribution of course!

Health Care? Well, private health care has had far too much influence, and government far too little, in his world. Regardless of the consequences, he will rectify that too.

Remember the program to transfer control and our money to the UN in the form of aid that he sponsored as a US Senator? Rationing again, redistributing so that our 100’s of $billions are “fairly” rationed out to others, because we have more than our “fair” share.

This is all typical Marxism, and he is being one, though we are not allowed to call it that, nor him that.

I have to ask my friends whom think they are liberals, is this what you wanted?

I have to ask this too, why do you trust him?

He talked about controlling government spending- and than set us on course to triple our debt to levels unsustainable, he talked of tax breaks- but only delivers tax hikes, he now talks of more affordable and accessible health care- but now pushes for a program that will both delay and deny health care, and create a spending bureaucracy bigger than anything we have ever had!


He vows to destroy that which allows America to grow and prosper- our mobility, our ability to build, and to create with the energy we need to do so.

He promises he knows ‘we’ can reinvent the wheel, and to prove it -he will ration our energy, and triple or quadruple it’s cost to force us to try!

If a Democrat Senator from New York, (talking head of the Obama machine), can make the assertion that regulating free speech on radio should be done as if it were pornography, than I think it is ‘fair’ for me to make the following analogy about our president.

Our president is deceitful in the same way in which a child predator is. Our citizens are being ‘groomed’, told to trust, expected to mind, and will be abused by this man’s actions today-tomorrow and well into the future.

He is pretending to help the American people, while he is destroying us.

He will decide our ration, and use redistribution, and regulations to insure we pay and obey!

It is a ration of…