Spending Is the Game

The ruling class is pulling out all the stops in the mis-framed debate over the direction our country will take to try and put up barriers to anything resembling a halt to what they like to do best; spend the taxpayers money as fast as they can!

The problem is that after going on a literal blitzkrieg of irresponsible spending based upon the cover of cannibalistic stimulus policy known as Keynesian economics, including endless bailouts,  quantitative easing (money printing), crony payouts, and the like, since 2007, we suddenly find ourselves very, very far in debt.

In the 2010 elections the people clearly said, “ENOUGH!”,  by voting out incumbents in historic proportions.  The message was unmistakable that people wanted a halt to fiscal irresponsibility… and out of control government.

So now those most recently voted in are holding fast and we the people are holding everyone’s feet to the fire by expecting them to stand on the principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility.

The establishment, who were shocked by the election results, seemed to understand briefly that business as usual had changed. However, they quickly got over it, believing that they could use their powers to bring any “upstarts” inline with their reality and the way “things are done inside the beltway!” This particular plan has not seemed to work very well though and now we witness much screaming and howling and crying, “FOUL!”

It seems that those associated with the Tea Party movement are now considered middle-earth hobbits incapable of being reasonable nor of understanding the complexities of the game by members in their own party establishment.

We understand just fine.

Obama and the other leftists in charge have no desire to stop spending at a fast and furious rate, but they do have an election to worry about, so they will do whatever it takes to blame the right for their spending addiction.  We learn from them that the current GOP leadership is weak on principles, and will often sacrifice these strategic strongholds (conservative principles) in order to gain minute or insignificant pieces of political ground in order to claim progress.  This easy exploitation seems apparent to everyone but those who are being played.

Economically the left has no answers at all that do not include more taxes and more spending.   They just need the permission to continue their program relatively unabated.  It is their foes in Congress who are continuously “compromising”  to give them this further permission. To be fair, there is actually one area the left would cut willing, our national defense. Other than this, they are about growing, not limiting government size.  For that, they always need more of the people’s money to spend.

The astronomical national debt numbers are not imaginary figures ginned up by cave dwelling know-nothings.  This debt was created in record time by those in Washington… playing their game. These are addicts and enablers trying to point fingers at the interventionists wanting responsibility in their representation! We get back  loud protests about disastrous election results if the game is not allowed to continue on their own terms!

There are only so many points of time where the opportunity exists to turn back in the right direction for this country.  This is one of those times. Let’s put the onus back on those who deserve the real criticism.

The best deal for America is to take the steps needed to bring spending under control, and to do it now, not later.  It may be too tough a job for some, but in that event, we can, and will, find those who are willing to perform the job of ending the spending game.


Manufactured Healthcare Crisis

James Simpsons article hits the nail on the head.

Manufactured Healthcare Crisis

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Tea Party Movement flexing its muscles

Over at Tea Party Nation a fellow member and online friend Mark Herr led his local organization The Midsouth Tea Party in another counter demonstration against the Move-on.org Public Health crowd in Memphis,  outside of Tennessee’s Senator Corker’s office! The “move-on crowd” looked stunned to see and hear them there, and it seems that the Senators people were forced to address both sides of the issue (which was not the plan the libs had in mind) for their sponsored event!  Here is  a preliminary account from Mark below-

Hi all, just a small update…WE, the MSTP, crashed MoveOn.org’s attempt to persuade Senator Corker’s vote on GRHC (Gov’t Ruined Health Care) Act of 2009.  They were not expecting us to be there…and WE showed up!!!  There was a cordial, yet spirited debate on the facts…Eventually, WE could sign a letter to the Senator either supporting or rejecting GRHC.
Afterwards, The MSTP CMTE approached the spokesman for the Pro-GRHC crowd to coordinate a community based forum by which WE could all voice OUR opinions on the subject…”

It is very ironic that a lot of these union members and the politicians themselves would not be subjected to the very health care reforms they are attempting to impose on the rest of us!

American Thinker relays similar accounts from around the country at these staged events.

Tea Party Movement flexing its muscles

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When Will President Obama Make the Case for Freedom?

Our First President

Our First President-George Washington

It is important, likewise, that the habits of thinking in a free country should inspire caution in those entrusted with its administration, to confine themselves within their respective constitutional spheres, avoiding in the exercise of the powers of one department to encroach upon another. The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all the departments in one, and thus to create, whatever the form of government, a real despotism. A just estimate of that love of power, and proneness to abuse it, which predominates in the human heart, is sufficient to satisfy us of the truth of this position.

Washington’s Farewell Address of 1796

The case for freedom is America.

Millions seek to come here for that reason alone!

Appreciative Americans realize that and thank God that they were fortunate enough to be either born here, or become a citizen here.

Millions more around the world live without freedom, but hope to experience it someday.

It does not take a whole lot of education to understand that we are blessed, while others are not so fortunate.

Obama is exploiting the difference for his own political purposes.

Past presidents have shown the world what freedom  offers, and encouraged people from around the globe to not only consider freedom, but to strive for it.

America is not a selfish nation.  We have never felt that freedom and liberty was solely our domain to jealously guard without sharing.

So why now is our president acting as if that is the case?  Why does he travel  to places devoid of any true freedom- and state we are standing on common ground?

Just when exactly is he going to start to speak the truth about the way things really are?

People that live under freedom live the best, period.  They have the most, need the least as far as basic survival and in quality of life.

People that live under powerful thugs or where an elite political class controls everything have the least, and need the most.

Our freedom grew out of our economic freedom, that is how we became the superpower we are compared to other nations. That superpower status does not just refer to military might, it applies across the categories of human endeavors.

Innovation, generosity, justice, compassion, and economic might.

Our freedom enabled us to become who we are.  We are free to speak, to worship, to own property and to have a representative government.

Our freedom has created such a powerful momentum that we have been propelled along by this even as many have worked tirelessly against our rights and freedom.

Now though, all those chips and cracks against our principles, by so many, for so long, are really taking a toll on our Charters of Freedom, the Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Constitution.

I do not see  or hear our president making the case for freedom at all.

In fact, I am not alone in believing,  that the president has actually been making the case against freedom everywhere he goes,  with both words and deeds.

We can easily find apologists and defenders alike that insist that we, whom cherish our freedom, have judged the president all wrong.

They call us “extremists” as they work feverishly to deny all religious worship as the work of “zealots” if it does not conform to their worship of the State.

They call us “fringed elements” while they work ingeniously to disguise their attempts to stifle and suppress speech that does not conform to their views.

As they seize control over private industries right and left, they claim free enterprise is the evil in our country.

They openly admit to plans to further deprive of us our freedoms and how they will spend a lot more money we do not have, to make energy unavailable for use, to punish those with special sentences for daring to think for themselves about social issues, and to openly flood our society with workers they know will vote for entitlements over freedom.

Not only is our free economic system being dismantled without regard to freedom, our personal freedom is also under attack.

Our Constitution guarantees the right to own and bear arms an essential right in a free society, yet Obama has not been straight with America, and does seek to disarm us.

Nothing can be more personal than seeking and having control over your own health care decisions, and also maintaining your privacy as an individual, so why than is Obama pushing so hard to to seize these personal rights and personal freedoms away too?

How can society be free if they have no say in their lives?

I do not know exactly why our media threw in so completely with the anti-freedom, pro-control left.  It is bad for us all (that love freedom) that they have chosen this.

Most of us can appreciate and understand the special role and rights afforded a free press by our Founding Fathers.  They recognized that our freedom would come under attack, they saw the press as having a vital role in warning of an overreaching and abusive government.

Few spectacles are more chilling these days than to watch as our press is virtually silent during press conferences with the President, or even his press Secretary, on issues across the board that are having long term impacts to Americans freedoms.

Some of the media remarks are so absurd and beyond belief in unadulterated adulation for a president that has barely taken office, yet has done considerable damage to Americas image and to freedoms image as well thus far, that you find yourself double checking the sources to make sure they are true!

I have come to the conclusion that this president has no intention of making the case for freedom, this president intends to make a case of government control over freedom, and the press has decided to aid and abet him in that effort.

So I would make this case.  We are not the “extremists” here. We who love freedom, we love liberty and we want our children and grandchildren to also have freedom and liberty are not any of the names or labels used to distort what we stand for.

We are doing what so many others have done throughout our great history.  We are following tradition, celebrating freedom,  and always doing our part to both preserve and protect it.

We have lost so many good men and women fighting for our country.  They vowed to protect and preserve our Constitution, the doctrine of freedom,  from all enemies foreign and domestic.

When will President Obama make the case for freedom?

I do not believe he ever will, or ever wanted to.

So everyday we must do it for ourselves!

Gray Matter, Sexism, Diamonds, and Obama Wisdom

Obama’s detractors do not just reside on the conservative facet of his polished zirconium image, the former luster is fading fast under some closer examination by many other folks, who are discovering upon further examination, that the diamond they so excitedly purchased (at an unbelievably and unexpectedly great deal price),  is not the value it had been represented to be.

For one, the emotions and anger by Democrats who expected Hillary Clinton to win, and win big,  in both the primaries and general elections has not subsided it seems, and the PUMA organizations are still fuming at the mistreatment they received within the party, the blog-o-sphere, and the media.

Obama has done nothing to change their perceptions, and in fact has alienated them further it seems, if you look at some of the recent blogs on the subject.

One blogger commented that ‘Michelle Obama had been relegated to playing the role of June Cleaver’, in response to another bloggers assertion due to her reputation as a ‘strong independent woman’ who would never ‘put up with sexism’ against woman by her husband or anyone else!

There are others, whom are not  being ignored by the media,  who are also dulling the shine on this seemingly precious stone.  Obamas contributors in his election included some of the richest and most powerful faces on earth, despite all the anti business rhetoric associated as a conservative element that does not exist within the ranks of the liberal left.

Steve Ballmer the CEO of Microsoft and huge financial contributor along with Bill Gates are actually threatening to move their employees off shore due to the tax policies Obama is instituting.

Economically cracks and fissures are growing as the bad news of our economy continues and Obamas moves to supposedly combat the negative direction, seem to be exacerbating the decline.

Conservatives already knew this of course, free enterprise must be left alone to grow and prosper, yet social engineers and these ‘doctors’ of the human social condition, can never stop trying to go against basic human nature.  Their tinkering in our lives, always ends in dictorial control of what we are permitted to do.

So it is also very interesting to read a blog that asks the question about the supposed source of the brilliant shine, that attracted such excitement for so many after being introduced to the new sensation.

This is the alleged superior brain power attributed to a young man, with very little real world experience in admintrative or executive decision making.

His  alledged super intelligence attribute was portrayed as the rare gift that few possess and Obama would use it,  to more than atone for any lack of experience,   to lead us away from our failures and into a new and better “change”.

Socialism is such an anti- freedom and anti-liberty system to peoples personal rights, and so anti-growth and anti-properity to a countries economic freedom that it certainly is a change for America.  Socialism is not a diamond.

Americans that are even partially awake can see that Obama is a socialist first and foremost.

Is he a genius or a brilliant thinker?  This question is asked, and answered objectively by another blogger, based on what we have in the way of information on the subject.

I would have to draw a conclusion based on what we have seen so far by putting it this way.

The most advanced robotic devises available for decades to come cannot even approach the level of a human child’s brain. Yet we know that even the simpilist of these man-made devices have detectors so allow them to change course to avoid obstacles and disaster.

We see the spectacular failures when those sensors fail to work and the robot cannot adjust course,

As a conservative,  I see the same thinking in Obama, and with so  many of his defenders, and it is good to see a few non-conservatives taking a closer look at what we really have with the “Obama Wisdom”.

The “Campaign for America’s (Failure) Future”

Press release yesterday from the new liberal leftist coalition that feels emboldened,energized and more organized and unified than ever.

They will all be gathering In Washington DC, today, June 1st, to discuss their plans for us!

The effort is being termed the Campaign for America’s Future “America’s Future Now”, formerly known as “Take Back America”.

The itinerary of scheduled events looks like a bunch of backslapping amongst the worse of the liberals and their union boys, some more “torture talk”, some more talks on how they plan to stick it to Americans- with both of the big clubs: socialized medicine and the cap and trade tax ( our own Jay Inslee is big proponent for the Apollo farce)

The guest of speakers includes Jessee Jackson, Howard Dean, Barney Franks, Dick Durbin and others (choking here)!

They will talk about the : “Age of Obama” , and plans to elect more progressive,and other ways to exercise power over the people.

Oh yea, we that disagree, are labeled  “special interests ” .

Progressive groups are coordinating their efforts and mobilizing independently to fight special interests standing in the way of President Obama’s progressive agenda.

You betcha!- That’s exactly what we plan to do…stand in their way!

As liberals love to misname everything, I fixed it to more accurately describe the plan-

Campaign for America’s Future Failure!